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July 10 2003

Firefly on DVD to hit shelves on December 9th Twentieth Century Fox has announced that the DVD of the complete Firefly run will hit shelves on December 9th, the same day as the complete fifth season DVD of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Well, there's nothing like starting a Christmas list in July. :)
I second Keever. I can't WAIT to hear the audio commentary on "The Gift."
I hope there will be a region 2 Firefly DVD *crosses fingers*.
So how come a search for "Firefly" under DVD on Amazon still turns up that animé "Firefly's Wish"? Let's get with the program, people. That announcement's been out for 3 hours now!!!
Hee, melsta, I did the same thing you did. They don't have anything about about Buffy season five yet, either. Don't they realize that I'm not happy until I've preordered?
There is no audio commentary on "The Gift". I highly doubt there will be one.
I'm so happy a Firefly holiday. This year rocks, except for when they cancelled Firefly.
Still nothing on Amazon as of 10:54 Central Time, US.

They do have a listing for Chris Carter's Millennium season one though. You can't pre-order it yet, but you can tell them you want an e-mail when you can.

Maybe we should all e-mail amazon and ask for the dvd. ;)
Netflix hasn't added it yet either. IJS.
I wouldn't be surprised if ME added another commentary for the US release. They did for "Wild at Heart" and Season 4...though not for any of the other seasons. They've seemed really keen on trying to get more cast members in to comment, but who knows if that'll come through.

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