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July 27 2008

LA Times with Joss & Eliza at Comic-Con. In which Joss tells us what went wrong with Firefly.

"Webisodes? No."

Heh, the reporter probably should have done some more research on this, since I understood them to be doing exactly this, I think Joss joke got lost in translation :) or I misunderstood the earlier reporting also a possibility.

From the IGN write up.

"Another fan asked if there would be webisodes? Whedon says: "Yes, gonna rock some webisodes. Some will be one-shots, some have [story] arcs in them, but definitely doing it to make dozens and dozens of dollars.""

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Wait, wait. I thought "Dollhouse" was premiering in September. Early 2009??? Can someone tell me which is correct? I was all excited for September, dammit.
January '09, Ilana.
Early 2009, I'm afraid. It looks like January, premiering alongside 24.
Dammit. Alan Ball's new show had better be good, then.
LA Times needs to invest in a shotgun mic and real camera (instead of a webcam), and maybe send a reporter who doesn't go into fan shock to ask better questions. Although, granted, when faced with the dazzling dimpled smile of Eliza, anyone might go weak in the knees.
Youtube panel videos reveal that the "webisodes? no" refers to Firefly, not Dollhouse.
Ah, it's always nice to see Adam Baldwin again. :-)

She was elk hunting when he wrote the pilot ("Sorry PETA, it's part of life")

Sassy women rock.
I knew it was Adam Baldwin. Just knew it. ;) Did they have a Chuck panel? Anyone go to that... and get video?
Tahmoh sounds incredibly articulate and intelligent. I like him a lot already.

But yes, the sound was really annoying. I spent large portions of Tahmoh's segment just nodding my head along politely, like I would at a party.
Eliza hunts elk. I'm in love already!
eh, not a big fan of people hunting animals so it kinda makes me sad Eliza takes part in it...

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Rhodey, I second that.
Yeah, thought I get some static with the elk hunting.

Well, I'm willing to compromise if you are.
Not a hunting fan, but since she eats what she kills, and I haven't become a vegetarian yet, I don't have any moral high ground on this. I'm just glad she is living life to the fullest in a way that makes sense to her. Good for her.
I don't do it myself but I don't mind others hunting as long as they eat what they kill. Responsible hunting can help restore a balance that we (humans) have disturbed in some other way (e.g. by clearing land for farming or rearing plantations of only one kind of tree) and like she says, it really is a part of life - if you eat meat then you cause the death of animals, not killing them yourself is just taking one step back from the process, not removing culpability.

(I eat meat by the barrel load BTW so i'm not taking the moral high-ground either ;)
During the Chuck panel, Adam was asked if Casey named his guns like Jayne did. He echoed Jewel, saying he likes Shiny.
Bonus feature of Dollhouse coverage: Eliza Dushku quotes on random topics.

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