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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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July 27 2008

Dr. Horrible as you've never seen him before - in crochet. Seriously, just click on the link.

Adorbs! It's things like that (and the ridiculously cute knit Adipose from Doctor Who) that make me wish I knew how to knit/crochet beyond the most basic of scarves.
This person should sell these at Comic-Con
Yes, but did you guys notice on the Flickr page the entire cast of Firefly is represented in crochet?
Thanks for pointing that out, rose ayn. I want this one!
Hah. I found this blog a few days ago that wants an interview with Joss, Nathan, Felicia, and/or Neil. I had no idea there were so many crocheters that were also Whedon fans.
Oh look at all the awesome. So cute!
Well, I think that's some quite clever needlepoint myself. 'Course, I'm no means an expert, but I would be proud to show the effort and skill. Wonderful job!
I don't get the "Meh" - whilst I may not rush out to buy crocheted Dr Horrible figures (tho, boy, that would be *very* cute on my desk at work), I clicked the link & just though "how I love this fandom!"
Oh, no, someone shot Billy with a crochet gun!
Hmm.. And with wire-frame glasses instead of goggles, It's also an Alton Brown doll!
Maybe, Grotesk... if it was wearing a Hawaiian shirt! :^)
I can't decide if that makes me incredibly happy, or just a little bit scared. Maybe a little bit of both.
This is why I love being a part of the fandom.
I'm waiting for the Dr. Horribobble Head, myself.
You guys are adorable and have me in stitches (or knots).
A Dr. Horribobble Head --- brilliant!
He looks like he's wearing a dress. Reminds me of Nurse Joker in The Dark Knight.

This is weird.

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