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July 27 2008

Comic Con star portraits. The results of the Dollhouse photoshoot featured in the EW video interview, and more with Seth Green and David Boreanaz.

A great set of photos, all of which manage to bring out character and humour in the artists' faces more than the average predictable shoot.
Wow, gorgeous photos.
Well, I'm very pleased that D.B. has shown up.
Oh my god. The Hugh Jackman shot made my heart go still...
OMG. Bromance indeed. Ron Moore will never pose with his cast like that. ROFLMAO
They're lovely shots. The one with Tamoh, Joss & Eliza is beautiful and dear.
Gorgeous photos. David - that's a jaw-dropper. But can I just say 'cause I was unaware of it: Rose McGowan as Red Sonja? Huh? Nothing against her as an actress, but she doesn't exactly look like huge-sword-wieldy-gal.
Great photographer, it's not just the Dollhouse photo that looks good (the Spaced people look in to be in good humour, I've never seen it, but I'm always hearing good things about them).

I live and dream in the hopes that somebody with a connection to EW or the photographer posts a high res. version on the Internet (okay, perhaps that's overstating a little). A photo like that on my desktop would be enough to brighten all kinds of Monday.
I loved the Dollhouse photo. And the Big Bang Theory photo. Haha. That poor girl!
Those photos are just amazing. Truly amazing.
Wow. Someone knows how to do their job :)
dulce, very nice pictures. Thank you.
Wow, great pictures, I'm saving the one of our Dollhouse cohorts, but it was the picture of Michael C. Hall/Dexter that stopped my heart! I have to say that EW has a very talented photographer there.
Some great shots there, must admit that's the first time I haven't minded scrolling through all the pages on an EW spread.

Tahmoh/Joss/Eliza, Josh Gomez/Zach Levi, Michael Hall, Hugh Jackman and the Spaced crew were my faves (it's so great to see Jessica Hynes in the Spaced photo, sometimes feels like she doesn't always get her props for that because the guys do "the circuit" more often, I really hope she enjoyed her Comic-con experience). Also, how scary did Alex Proyas look ? I agree, these photos captured something from the inside of each subject, really well done.

And again, spot the English artist ;).
Aw, some fantastic pictures there.
I loved all these photos especially The Big Bang Theory and Spaced ones.
A great selection of pics! Nice to see some dramatic use of shadows and some fun poses :)

Spaced pic is full of awesome, and the Dollhouse one is fantastic. But Zach Levi appears to be humping his co-stars leg, and Corey Feldman looks like he hasn't aged since 'Stand by Me'. Weird.
David Boreanaz's guns.
I'll be in my bunk.

I'm just sayin'...
Wow, totally amazing photos, thanks dulce. First time I've ever been interested in finding out the photographer's name (James Dimmock).

The jaw dropper for me was Keanu Reeves, just because I've always had a mad crush and my god but he's looking good. And what's with Michael C. Hall, looking more gorgeous every time I see him? He definitely never looked that good on Six Feet Under, & Dexter is my most eagerly awaited return for this year.

I agree with whoever said how cool would it be to have a DT size copy of the Joss/Eliza/Tahmon shot, that has to be the best one of all.
Now that's quality.
Those are some very pretty pictures, wonder if it's an online exclusive, or will they get printed in the magazine.
What's with the picture of Corey Feldman? It looks like it was taken during the shooting of the original Lost Boys. Weird...
Since everyone is stating their non-Whedon faves as well, I'll just add that I stopped in shock and awe at the photo of Ray Stevenson, who has taken on the mantle of Punisher from Thomas Jane.

My god. That man has some intense eyes. Time to netflix the ROME dvds.

Shey, I also share your admiration of Keanu Reeves and his photo. Looking good, although I wish he'd lose his "uniform" of a baggy black tee with a dark suit. Can't wait for TDtESS. I'll be seeing that over Twilight come 12/12.
Since this is not one of my posts, I can't edit this...however, just wanted to note that Entertainment Weekly has added portraits to the galley - up to 37 now - and the link is off. Needs to be adjusted to photo no. 8 ;D
Thanks for the heads up, the link has been changed :).

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