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July 27 2008

Julie Benz at the 'Dexter' Comic Con panel and more. There were quite a few Whedonverse actors at Comic Con. Find out what they said at the following recaps of the Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Family Guy and Stargate Atlantis panels.

Some highlights:

Ex-BUFFY/ANGEL star Julie Benz would love to work on Joss Whedon’s DOLLHOUSE. Shocker! Julie asks us to start an internet rumor.

Jewel Staite: I want Nathan Fillion to play a Wraith. Just cause I'd like to see him go through the make up [crowd goes nuts]

Kristin asks if we'll see Adam [Baldwin] on Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse." "Hell no I'm on 'Chuck' now," he boasts.

Thanks, Simon! I hadn't even thought there would be a Dexter panel, so I certainly wouldn't have gone looking without the link.
Love Julie! Someone start a rumor please!

Also can't wait for Season 2 of T: TSCC. The new season looks and sounds great!
I don't have the link at the moment but the SciFi Channel website have the entire Stargate Atlantis and The Sarah Connor Chronicles panels to view
Dexter is awesome.

That's all.
They chose to tell the Terminator actors that one of their characters was going to die that season in front of an audience while they were doing a panel? That made me loose a lot of respect for the mucky mucks on that show. That's horrible...and not in a doctory way.
Well the actors seemed to take it in good grace but I agree, if they were serious and the actors really didn't know that's not a very classy thing to do (unless it's Cameron, obviously she can "die" a lot and Summer still has a job).

That said, given the cast were apparently joking around, maybe they've all just signed 5 year contracts and so know that if they die they'll actually only be "dead" (it is a show that features time-travel after all) ?
I'm guessing any "death" revealed as casually as that isn't going to stick so I doubt any of the cast need worry for their longterm future on the show.

Wouldn't mind seeing Nathan on Stargate Atlantis either. Probably not as a Wraith though. I thought that Jewel was wasted when she appeared as a Wraith on the show. The only positive was that the make-up made it easier for her to return in her current role. Not that Stargate has ever worried about re-using recognisable actors in new roles once their original character has been killed off. I always thought it would be an amusing storyline to have Dr. Weir's ex-boyfriend, Simon, turn up at Stargate Command looking for her and have Carter spend the entire episode saying "Damn, you look EXACTLY like Narim of the Tollan". Well, amusing to me, anyway. ;)

Still working on getting into Chuck. I like it but don't love it yet. It's got everything I usually look for in a new show but for some reason it's just not gelled with me yet. I think the fact that we only got half the original season one storyline didn't help. Certainly going to be watching season two though.
Someone wanted to see Summer-as-Cameron dancing. Maybe me.
I love Julie Benz, and Dexter is incredibly awesome, I want to marry Dexter!
If anyone finds vids or audio of Seth Green's panels, especially the Robot Chicken one, lemme know!

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