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July 28 2008

(SPOILER) Wonderfalls crosses over to Pushing Daisies? Bryan Fuller discusses which Wonderfalls characters may show up.

Amazing news! I love Wonderfalls and I love Pushing Daisies, and a crossover between the two (especially if a main character like Jaye shows up) would be completely awesome.
I squeed with joy when I saw this last night. I hope it all works out to bring Jaye back.

According to the article that aintitcool is getting it's info from, the actress who plays Jaye's mother in Wonderfalls is going to be in the 1st few episodes of PD s2 (playing a non-Wonderfalls character)
This really excites me! I just recently re-watched Wonderfalls and I would love it if Jaye or Eric or any of them showed up on PD!
Pretty neat! I'd love to see Dead Like Me's Ellen Muth in Pushing Daisies, although not as her DLM character obviously since she's a ghost.
That's interesting. I didn't expect that.
George isn't a ghost, she's undead! And actually, she'd fit right in -- particularly since she'd twig to the whole dead-girl-walking-around, what's-up-with-that business straight off. (Probably wouldn't be a good idea to let Ned touch her, either....)

I'd love to see Jaye on Pushing Daisies, personally. I'd also love to see them come up with an explanation for why Ned looks so strangely like her brother. Hmmmmm. ;)
Mary Ann Marie Beetle, a character from the “Muffin Buffalo” episode of “Wonderfalls,” will turn up in a season-two episode of ABC’s “Pushing Daisies...
Mary Ann Marie Beetle was played by Beth Grant, who also played Maude Pearson in Angel's Rm w/a Vu. I've seen her in many shows, and she's always great.

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Awesome. Also, somewhere, Caroline is sighing ;).
I believe I read somewhere that the concept of Ned originated as someone George would encounter. Like a poacher who kept reanimating the folks she'd reaped.
Wonderfalls was an awesome show. Completely and totally. It always made me smile, or chuckle, and sometimes even guffaw.

Unfortunately, it grew up in a time where network executives were bragging to each other at "the club" about their premature... um, er... hatchet jobs. Their conversations sorta went like this:

"I cancelled a show after ten episodes."

"That's nothing! I cancelled a show after only four episodes!"

"You guys are such wimps. I cancelled a show before it even got to air. How's that for manhood, huh?"

"But… you're not a man!"

"So?!? You guys think women can't cancel shows, too?"
If Jaye from "Wonderfalls" shows up, will there be something about how much Ned looks like her brother Aaron?

There could be so much fun had with "Pushing Daisies/Wonderfalls/Dead Like Me" crossovers.
This news really made my day! I hope they manage to make it a reality!

Sneak a few of the main characters on the show... then before you know it they become popular. Then you announce a spin-off with those characters. ;-) Wonderfalls Season 2!

...but yeah, the Lee Pace connection may make things a little confusing...
Bryan said it wouldn't happen until the show had time to settle itself first anyway. Wouldn't they need to get permission from Fox if they wanted to actually crossover? Would be awesome though.

Also, some of the writers, including Doug Petrie, were in the audience.
I think he should be credited as Doug "Professor Normal" Petrie!
You're right swanjun. Originally, Ned was going to be in the Dead Like Me series, and sort of an obsticle for George, Mason, Daisy, Rube, and Roxy to sort out. But because Bryan left 'Dead Like Me' after the first couple of episodes of the first season he never got to see them through.

I think thie would be awesome, to being Jaye or George to the show. Could you imagine the verbal fights Jaye would have with Ned, about the uncanny resemblance he has to her brother? The lols would never stop.
I thought I had read Ned had been conceived as a way to bring George back into life after she had resolved her conflicts with life being Dead at the end of the series. When Fuller left so did the idea, also the cancellation thing prolly had something to do with it.

I think it would be great to bring Jaye in as Jaye....."hey, you remind me of my brother" kind of thing.

Can I just say how happy I am Pushing Daisies is seeming to survive. Wonderfalls cancellation just about broke my heart and I have to say I love Pushing Daisies more. I just grin like a nut the whole time it is on.
quantumac: I couldn't agree more. Wonderfalls was simply enchanting. It's one of the first DVDs I bought from America too (without the Internet, I'd never have seen a show like that).

And as for the Ned/brother issue... a sample scenario could play like this -- Jaye sees Ned, and is spooked out that he looks so much like her brother (perhaps she hasn't seen her brother in a while and thinks it might be him), so she starts stalking Ned to much comic effect. When Ned finally talks to her, and she's already seeming a little bit crazy for the stalking, that'd be the perfect time to bring up the animals. :)
I wish I'd gotten here sooner; I was going to joke that Aaron Tyler should make an appearance, assuming that the actor that played him was available. But there have been so many jokes about Jaye and Ned, so that ground has been covered.
I have the perfect (if not creepy) idea!

Jaye can turn up as Ned's ex (granted its creepy because he has a strange similar appearance to Aaron and unlikely as Jaye and Eric seemed happy together).

I mostly just want to see Jaye vs Chuck. Cynical vs Optimistic.
Huh, I completely forgot we had a separate Wonderfalls category. And, much as I adore the show - and would watch Mlle Dhavernas in just about anything, - I'm still not entirely sure why we do. Decision made before my time, etc. etc. . . . ;-)
Because its Tim! ;)
Oh yeah. That must be why we've had separate categories for Battlestar Galactica, 24, Grey's Anatomy, and Lost, to name but a few prominent shows featuring the work of Whedon affiliates . . . ;-)
Right, but TIM ;). Plus, of the rest that you mention, how many feature a former EP from a Joss show? Only Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice. Also, TIM!!!!. Ok... nap time. Wait, was Fury ever credited as an EP? He was, there goes that rebuttal I was all exicted for ;).
Mod fight! Mod fight!
Ban b!X. Wait, wrong battlecry ;). The real answer is of course that it was 'back in the day' and now we make a lot more liberal use of the Cast & Crew category for things like this. The 'Wonderfalls' category came into being when we were young and naive and didn't know about Ben/Glory (a blatant lie!). Nowadays only actual Joss shows seem to get their own category, which makes for a much smaller (and less annoying, one imagines) drop down category menu situation.
True enough, Z, a more liberal use to grapple with the uber-proliferation of those cast and crew peeps . . . (and, I confess, I don't entirely share the love that you evidently have for Mr. Minear, talented though he is).

Last! ;-)
Also last ;)! Wait...
So. Much. Orange.
How 'bout that Pushing Daisies, huh? Quite a show, so they say. *whistles innocently*
WHAT?! Wonderfalls characters in Pushing Daisies? I think I better speed through the first season quick like a bunny then.
Also, who would have thought there'd ever be another Wonderfalls category news item?

I think this calls for a celebration!
I'm still not entirely sure why we do. Decision made before my time, etc. etc. . . . ;-)

It was my idea. From what I recall Angel was on hiatus and I was looking for a show people could chat about (Whedonesque was still finding its feet). And it was the nearest thing to a Joss show I could find. Other sites were doing the same thing. It was a noble experiment that didn't pan out and will never be repeated again. It's a little piece of Whedonesque history. More will be revealed in my book "You'll Never Post Online In This Fandom Again".
History! I like history. :-) And Caroline Dhavernas.
Zeitgeist quipped:

"Awesome. Also, somewhere, Caroline is sighing ;)."

Bwah! Somewhere being a dodgy internet cafe in East London. And maybe not sighing, but definitely cringing. Ah well, I was having lunch with someone involved in that story yesterday, and she... wasn't, so maybe it's time to get over it. *smirks* Or maybe not. Anyway, other lives, other fandoms, otherness.

Also... (other thread) no Hulu access from here.
Hell of a lot of yellow in this thread. It's like watching the Simpsons. Except that they rarely discuss Wonderfalls...
It's a little piece of Whedonesque history. More will be revealed in my book "You'll Never Post Online In This Fandom Again".
Simon | July 29, 07:21 CET

I would totally buy that book. Oh, the stories it would tell...

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