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August 13 2002

(SPOILER) The Ventura County Star quotes Joss. Different papers print different bits and pieces of Joss's recent press talks.

The Ventura County Star had this interesting tid bit: "I'm open to seeing more of Oz on the show." After all the rumours of bad blood between M.E. and SG, this should put our minds at ease.

And on "Ripper": " [It's a] much quieter, more adult version. It's really the story of one person, the way we thought 'Angel' was going to be, about getting involved with other lives."

The series would allow for simpler scenes: "There could be a scene where Tony (Giles) walks into an apartment and looks around a bit, and that could be a whole scene. That's so exciting!"

Uh huh.

Ouch. Sounds like Whedon's looking at Ripper like that terrible tv movie with Ted Danson some months ago where he played a guy that saw ghosts everywhere he turned. Danson spent a lot of time on the show turning around, facing the camera and pretending to be scared. Not exactly Emmy award winning material. David Letterman's made fun of Danson's performance a number of times since.

I'd hate to see "Ripper" concept diminished to that. The potential is far greater.
I didn't read it that way at all. I don't know what TV movie you mean, but it doesn't sound like what Whedon has in mind for Ripper. He called it 'Cracker with ghosts'. Cracker was an excellent series about a forensic pathologist, exquisitely portrayed by Robbie Coltrane. The Danson flick you describe sounds one dimensional. Cracker had a lot of depth, darkness, personal demons.

I'm poking fun at Joss's scene description - I mean, it doesn't sound exciting on the surface, but I think I get what he means. We all know what ASH can do without lines, without other people in the scene (check Dead Man's Party, the scene in the kitchen where he lets a whole range of emotions wash over his face in just a few seconds). It'll be great way to showcase the actor's talent, and give us 100% Giles, without those distracting Scooby kids around.

I think Ripper will be... "Inspector Morse a horse". Less Wagner, more Velvet Underground.

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