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July 28 2008

Penny Arcade loves The Guild. Web comic Penny Arcade loves Felicia Day! The guys from PA at Comic-Con practice their Guild questions...

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Felicia Day is adorable, not only in Doctor Horrible but also in The Guild, so I can definitely understand anyone loving her!
I love Penny Arcade. They keep showing good taste!
I love that Felicia was so psyched about this on Twitter - her message about it was how i saw it! :D

"feliciaday Haha! OMG so excited to go to PAX with The Guild now and get...groomed"
Dear Tycho Brahe: take a number and get in line.
I don't get it wrong to tell a girl you want to groom her?
Yes! Felicia Day and rest of the cast of The Guild will be at PAX which is an awesome convention Penny Arcade holds every year. If you are in the Northwest Labor Day drop by!
The news article is also worth a read. Tycho has a way with words.

Felicia Day is a person, a person you are almost certainly aware of, but Felicia Day is also a holiday that I celebrate in my heart. Among other incredible feats, she will also be appearing on a panel at PAX. At least, she was going to! We'll see.
Felicia Day twitters: Got up, then it promptly went down again. Got something like 2 million hits?!

Crashy the Web, Nerd Prom Queen!
Felicia Day twitters about twittering during the Dr. Horrible panel at Comic Con:

Finally, my Dr. Horrible panel Twitter moment posted on film! Yes, it WAS as embarrassing as I remember. :)

Ah, that was pure cumin gold. Made the crowd love her even more. Must get caught up on Twitter. Oh, yeah... I'm back! *waves hello* *sniff* Missed you guys...

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