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July 28 2008

Fake Thomas Jefferson is pointless. Joss reveals his plans for more Dr. Horrible comic strips. Elsewhere on the MTV website, Neil and Joss say more about the DVD and what could feature in the sequel.

Pointlessness is an evil power.
Nonsense. Of all of the ELOE members, Fake Thomas Jefferson was the most pointful (or pointy?) insofar as Thomas Jefferson sings, at least when he's being played by The White Shadow. (Yes, folks, there really is a Broadway musical and movie based on the signing of the Declaration of Independence. My husband makes me watch it every year on July 4th.)
Fake Thomas Jefferson could be a token bad guy meant to balance the good guys, like Black Manta was invented to oppose Aquaman in the Legion of Doom.

He could fight the Benjamin Franklin impersonator from "The Office", the one that Dwight is fairly certain is not the real B.F.
Will the cast be collaborating in writing the commentary or will Joss and Co. be using their evil mind reading powers to lyricize their opinions?
Heh. The article also confirms what was previously discussed here about the 'Fury Leika' character...
You know, reading that, I'm vaguely troubled by the idea that people perceive Dr. H as not responsible for what happened in the musical. What was that that exploded, again? Who built it? And brought it?
I want the 'Bait & Switch' comic where they battle their mortal foes 'Frank & Earnst'.
I like FTJ. If his presence seems pointless though, maybe it's time for The Real Martha Washington to replace him in the ELoL. I hear she's badass.
I refuse to accept FTJ's membership is pointless. I suspect FTJ played some critical evil role one evil day, long ago. Replacing RTJ perhaps, but in any event gaining lifetime membership with life-extension. Either that, or Joss is using MTV to tease one of his siblings - whichever of them came up with FTJ in the first place.
I happen to like "1776". I can sing (poorly) most of the songs from memory. Here, I'll demonstrate:

[Recital canceled at the request of my wife.]
"Sit down, John. Sit down, John. For Gods sake, John, sit down!" Sorry 1776 taking over my brain - this is the second reference to it today that I encountered in separate contexts.

Although if someone was going to take down FTJ, it would be Abigail Adams.
htom, You weren't going to sing the part about "romping through Cupid's garden," were you?

Zannadoo, I agree with Abigail being the one to take down FTJ - which she would probably do with all those pins she kept demanding that John send to her.

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Y'know, as much as I can't get enough of DHSB (seriously, I listen to it on my iPod about a dozen times a day while I'm at work) at the moment I'm feeling like there really IS too much of a good thing. For busily employed creators Joss and his cohorts have a pretty overwhelming amount of Horrible swag in the planning (or should that be plotting?) stages. I'm not sure how I feel about having a BILLION different bite-size products to clutter my head with...
Wait, so the Fake Thomas Jefferson comic will feature everyone BUT Fake Thomas Jefferson? I can't understand that sentence!
I'm not sure how I feel about having a BILLION different bite-size products to clutter my head with...

Oh I bet by the time the dvd + comic hit the shelves, you'll be ready for a major infusion. :)
This is what I think Best Buy is the DVD distributer and there will be a new comic attached to the DVD! Screeee! Christmas presents!
Will the cast be collaborating in writing the commentary or will Joss and Co. be using their evil mind reading powers to lyricize their opinions?

Well there's supposed to be two commentaries, I think. A regular one and a musical one.
Even a fake Thomas Jefferson is better than a real ... okay, I won't go there. Instead I'll just say:

He plays the violin
He tucks it right under his chin
And he bows, oh he bows
For he knows, yes he knows
That it's hi-hi-hi-diddle diddle
It's my heart, Tom and his fiddle
My strings are unstrung
I am undone

Say what you like about 1776, and participation therein by Thomas Jeffersons real and fake, "Slaves, Molasses, and Rum" is a very memorable song.
I really want to see more about Hourglass. I'm actually working on some fanart about her. I'm kind of obsessed.
FTJ Pointless? ...As pointless as a counterfeit two dollar bill?

Hmm.. Two-Dollar Bill. That could be FTJ's nemesis. What his powers would be is anyone's guess.

Or no... Honest Abe. What better to be the antithesis of Fake Thomas Jefferson than a guy named Honest Abe?
Try replacing 'pointless' with 'genius' and eat thy words, sir- I could never see FTJ as 'pointless' as he's just so very, very pretty.

My lust for DG aside, I happen to think including a reference to Jefferson in any form is an incredibly smart and witty move. There could be whole BOOKS written on the correlation between his and Dr H's views on the greediness of banks, overhaul of government, gun control, the corporate world, liberty (including the killing of patriots for the greater good) and anarchy.
(BTW if you do end up writing one, I want a credit. Ta.)

And I never thought of substituting the word 'Bad' Horse with 'Dark', but it certainly gives the S8 Buffy comics and the willingness to kill off characters a whole new spin!
Yes Kiba, Hourglass sounds fun. Anyone think of any other potential evil leaguers? How's about, Psycho squirrel, he'll drive you nuts!
Methane man, hazardous to the immediate and general enviroment...
The Mathematician, because maths is the ultimate evil of all the known evils.
String Theory - she distracts you with her sexy form, wearing only her Knotty-Nightie, then tugs at a loose thread causing your matter to disintegrate into it's component atoms.

Vengeful Jon Anderson and his band are so evil they are actually good, pretending to be evil just to join the ELoE so they can kill them all off. Vengeful Rick Wakeman takes on Dead David Bowie for never crediting him for that synth riff from Space Oddity. Jon Anderson sings his high note of love, the refrain from CTTE "They will be NO mutant enemy, we shall certify..." with his high tenor shattering glass and ... [Napua screams while being carried away..]
*writes these down*

No seriously, I think we should submit an application, many applications. In the black, you guys are great at coming up with stuff... you should submit it. I would, but I suck at these things. The only evil I can think of is Paper Cut.
If Bad Horse is Zeus in the pantheon of evilness, he certainly must have his Hera, who should be Kitty the Cowgrrrl, known for her ability to ride even the most wild of stallions.

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That was way mucho hilarious. You guys rock!
Now does everyone understand why I make sure I am The One True b!X everywhere? ;)

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