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July 28 2008

E!'s Kristin totally falls for Nathan Fillion. Nathan discusses his geeking out over involvement with the Whedon clan, and briefly mentions his part on the Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD animation.

He notes that approximately 4000 (!) people were at the panel, and modestly discusses the "little something" that he brings to Captain Hammer (a "booming cheesy something.") Based on the headline, Kristin seemed to be fishing for a different "something" he brought to the role.

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Ok, I know it's one of the funniest lines in the Blog, but making it the headline is just.... odd.
Kristin was moderating some panels at the SDCC this year too, including the Dexter one. Her entertainment column is the only one I have any patience for, and at the same time she manages to be a total fan too. This video is so adorable.
Nathan is so cute in the video. I never imagined him being so geeky!
Sigh... Nathan is every guy I ever liked when I was a teenager. Totally hot and nice, but so wonderfully geeky he didn't even realize it. *le swoon* (Here's hoping that, unlike NPH, he doesn't actually READ Whedonesque or I will be le embarrassed as well ;-).
What??? NPH reads Whedonesque??? Where was I? Oh, god, I've missed a lot.

These guys were awesome. And besides the *cough* "iffy" questions *cough* the energy in that room was amazing! Even with the B & C stuff brought out. It was great. I miss it.

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