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July 28 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Social Media Blitz. The e-newsletter Chief Marketer 360 analyzes Doctor Horrible.

WWJWD. What Would Joss Whedon Do.

Marketers looking to capitalize on the power of social media could do worse than keep that mantra in mind next time they want to launch a campaign

I love this article's use of "crazy random happenstance"
This seems to be part of the post-success, secondary coverage, trying to figure out how to replicate Dr. Horrible from a marketing perspective.

Like today's AdAge article, which calls it "Joss Whedon's Internet TV Slayer-- this article throws out numbers for effect without doing some basic math. It recounts the reported claim from USA Today, that the site had been getting 1000 hits a second -- an impossibly unsustainable number. While it's entirely possible that a momentary peak of that kind of traffic may have been responsible for taking the site down, it couldn't have lasted: 1000 hits per second = 3.6 million hits in an hour. The AdAge article erroneously claims "200,000 hits an hour since July 15" (taken from another source)-- which is likewise an unlikely 4.8 million in one day.

The most accurate numbers seem to be those reported in The LA Times blog: 2.2 million streams for all three episodes, over the time it was available for free on
It was indeed an excellent plan, but there aren't all that many people who could pull it off. First you need a name like Joss Whedon that will make people want to spread the advance word. Then you need a really awesome product that will make people want to watch it again and again and to email their friends saying "Remember that show I told you about. Watch it NOW!"
It's a fairly tall order.
I hope it works out. I want to know that it works out. I want a sequel.

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