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"Yep... That went well."
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July 28 2008

Felicia's "Twitter" moment. As she requested, Felicia Day's "Twitter" comment from the Dr. Horrible panel, immortalized at Vimeo.

That absolutely made my day, and I really need a good laugh.
That was very amusing. I just watched the full BSG panel, up at scifi, which was great! I wish the same would be done somewhere for Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. I'm so jealouse of all you lucky people who actually got to be there!
That was awesome.
Hah :) So funny. Does anyone know what Twitter it was she sent, assuming she finished?

Aviva: I didn't know the BSG panel was up on scfi -- thanks for the tip, and here's a direct link for any of you interested (and their full-page Eureka promo reminds me I need to check that out at some point too).
Felicia's so funny and smart that I feel a little bit intimidated and panicky.
Fantastic. Felicia's reaction is priceless :).
MattK: No problem. :) I didn't realise everyone here wasn't aware of it already!

Ok, I know this is being said about all Jossverse related actors (or any actors we love in general), but wouldn't Felicia make an awesome doll?
The link isn't working for me. Is it a problem at my end, or is the site down?
Still working here.
I've listened to this a few times now (very funny), but can I just confirm that I'm hearing correctly what was said during the raucous laughter.

Simon: Her pants are off, by the way.
Felicis: Wow it's hot in here... its really hot in here...
Neil: ...and wet.
Simon: Moist.
Does anyone know what Twitter it was she sent

I don't remember seeing anything, so it's possible she was reading, not writing.
Yeah, it's working here again, zeitgeist. I think the Hulu Dr. Horrible link messed up my connection again (should've figured that out before I posted my question). It did that with the three Acts as well. For some reason, when watching the Acts on Hulu, my LAN-connection would time-out and/or not allow any more streaming video or audio. Still haven't figured out why that is, but seeing as I won't have to use Hulu for much else, I can live with it :).

Also, the clip: priceless. I love the reaction-delay :)
This was a lot of fun. I laughed so hard I cried. I definitely need to thank her on Twitter for that one. Ah, such gutter minds... yet it works so well with Whedon panels. ;)

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