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July 28 2008

Full Dollhouse Panel from Comic Con now on Youtube. The main link is to part 1, the rest are below the cut. Still waiting for somebody to put up the entire Dr. Horrible panel, hint hint. ETA:Edited to add final part.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

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Thanks so much for this. It means a lot to those of us who couldn't make it (at least, it means a lot to me anyway).

ETA: It seems like link 6 should be pointing here.

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Ack! Fixed. Thanks.
Thanks Dym, that was funtastical to watch. Joss is so full of the cute and the hilarity. Eliza exudes charisma and bubbles. Tahmoh is made from the same Canadian air, as with the Fillion, so can't go wrong there. That and he's adorable, and the energy between him and Eliza should be banned to assist in the reduction of global warming. Why is January taking so long?
Relax, Jossaholic, although that may be tough to do. I saw this panel in San Diego, and these two people charmed the crowd so much they didn't even need a teaser reel to get people to watch this show. From what I heard about some of the other panels, they may have generated more excitement than the season 3 opener of Heroes...or slightly more.
Heroes- meh. Dollhouse- hell yeah!

Not to thread hijack but I'd love the advice of any SDCC veterans. Given the proliferation of interviews, clips and other tidbits coming online so quickly, can anyone (say, for example, me) justify spending $5000 next year to go?

Or is it just a mad crush of humanity that you can't wait to get away from, so you can get home to discover everything you actually missed?
Excellent! This was just what I was hoping for. I'll have to watch it later though, as I've already wasted more than enough time procrastinating today.
Also, Nathan Fillion on Dollhouse would be awesome. A Nathan, Eliza, Tahmoh love triangle would be way global melty.

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I love how funny this is.
Aye. Bring on the canadian sandwich!
Oh, and there is what appears to be an attempt to put up the entire Dr. Horrible panel, but it's missing some sizable chunks, otherwise I'd have included it. It's here if anyone interested.
I thought that person was joking when they asked the strong female characters question. They weren't kidding; maybe they were new ;)?
Further to what Dym said, this user has both what seems to be the complete Dr. Horrible panel and the complete Dexter panel (Julie Benz) up and the Bones panel! Perhaps it's worth adding to the main post at the top?
The youtube videos of the Dr Horrible panel only run to about 25 minutes so that's only about half the panel I think.
MattK: I was originally going to include it in the main post before I realized it was missing a lot. Hopefully, the whole thing will turn up eventually, whenever that may be.
I thought that person was joking when they asked the strong female characters question.

Yeah me too. But it is a striking feature of his work, so it makes sense that some fans maybe still ask it earnestly. And when it's not the press asking it over and over and over (which was I think the scenario Joss described as kind of exasperating), I expect it's probably not so much an irritation as just an easy question.

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missb - I wouldn't spend $5000 to go to Comic Con. But if you have it, and like spending hours waiting in line to get to a panel, being scrunched into crowds while trying to walk in the exhibition hall, then by all means, spend that money.

I actually worked at our booth at the Con this year because I was tired of trying to move in the crowds.
Thank you MattK, I was really wanting to see the Dexter panel! And I appreciate everyone who video taped and put up the video at youtube, I was so sorry to miss Comic Con and these are really a thrill for me!

I went to Comic Con last year, and like leiasky I found the expense and crowds to be really overwhelming... but the panels are very exciting.
That was so nice to wake up to. Thank you, Dym.
Those are fantastic, Dym. Thank you. Now, where's that full-length Doctor Horrible panel video? Come on, Comic-con videographers, what do you think could be more important than posting "Horrible" for fellow fans?! I mean, really. :)
Wow. That was upsetting. HULU killed my internet. AFTER I was in the middle of a very well-thought post. *big sigh*

ALright, just a recap then.

impalergeneral, I totally agree. Joss could easily dominate Hall H & still have people lining up for more. I went to SDCC too and his are the only panels I know of that people were sad to see him go, erupting an "aaaw" from the audience. Plus a standing ovation, and lots of laughter. I kind of want to have a Joss convention, so we can have him all to ourselves... that may be selfish.

zeitgeist, yup, she really did ask. Possibly a newbie, but the SAME question about strong women was asked at Dean Koontz, who was the panel before Dollhouse. My wondering is that there is a theme somewhere. I'm not sure if it was the same person though. It's not as bad as the "mundane" question. Man, was that bad. Eliza almost jumped off the panel to give that chick some "Faith". I would have been there right with her. Luckily, the audience agreed and "boo"ed her into shame. Joss answered it eloquently, however. It still boggles me that he keeps turning the questions over to the audience. His panel was also the only one I saw that didn't have a moderator of some sorts. Just boggling.

leiasky & embers, the crowd wasn't THAT bad. Maybe on the Exhibition floor, but jumping from one event to the next? Not bad. I could get from the Browncoat booth to the Dr. Horrible line in 10 minutes (yes, I did time). And I got to see everything I wanted because I planned. Well, not T:TSCC, but that's because it would make me miss out on Dollhouse. Tough choice, but they both share my love.
Eliza and Tahmoh are totally crushing on each other, and it's so cute! I can't wait to see them sizzling on screen.
My favorite part has to be Tahmoh whispering to Eliza to explain the cylon glowy spine thing. Hilarious!
That was hilarious, RaisedByMongrels, but I still don't get it (non-BSG'er here). Is it what I think it is, in similarity to the Angel episode? Or am I way off?

Definitely looking forward to Paul being frustrated with Echo's multi-personality. And, if there's a future Canadian sandwich, heck ya! I'm so there!

It was also so cute the way that Eliza protected Joss. You can totally tell they're friends on varying levels. She was so quick to defend him and give him shoulder pats. Must be fun working with them two.
electricspacegirl: You noticed the totally-crushed-out-ness of Joss & Tahmoh, too, huh? I found it entirely adorable.
The youtube guy uploaded a part 7, which I've added. This is definitely the last part.
Me three on that, Kat Jetson. It's one big love fest up there. I imagine.
Thank you so much, whoever recorded and put this up! It's great to see the relationship between these three. It is a very promising indication of how well the Dollhouse team will work together. I can honestly say I've never been so excited about a new series before!

Korkster, the cylons' spines glow when they climax. This was first revealed when the cylon Athena and Helo (Tahmoh's character) have sex. You should give BSG a go while waiting for Dollhouse - it's awesome! BSG is the other reason I cannot wait 'till January. Except I don't want it to end :(
I didn't mind the "mundane" question (although it could have been more, um, elegantly phrased) because it gave Joss the perfect opportunity to remind us that his shows are about people (life journeys, relationships, family, existence), rather than about vampires or spaceships. And, to tell the truth, I had some difficulty from distinguishing DH from Alias just from the trailer, so the more reasons he can give me for getting excited about the show, the better for me. :-)

In response to the $5000 question above - hee, - no, I would suggest it isn't worth it just for CC alone, although you could build a great SoCal trip around CC. The truth is, you're gonna miss the majority of exciting events, interviews, etc. - and even with deft planning and military discipline, you still don't know in advance just which ones turn out to be stupendous. And there really are an awful lot of people. You kinda have to like people. Truth to tell, I'm seeing way more cool stuff online post-CC than I saw at the actual event . . . OTOH, there is a buzz you get there in the flesh that may not be reproducible at a distance. :-0
Thanks SNT and leiasky for the frank advice.

I'm actually hovering between doing SDCC on my own next July OR waiting until December and taking my 11 year old nephew to Harry Potter World in Florida.

Both cost roughly the same, and either one would get MY spine glowing, so 'tis not an easy decision...

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