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July 29 2008

Whedon talks about Buffy's Red Eye Chicago win and a Buffy-Batman crossover comic. You also get a glimpse (upside down) of the DOLLHOUSE poster they were signing at the Fox booth this weekend.

The Eliza board at Fanhost Forums has the MQ poster as well under the SDCC thread, plus captures from the EW video.
. . . in my Buffy-Batman crossover that I dream of writing one day in the comics, she could take him.

Because forbidden loves conquers all, right? Right? Right?

Pointy: This is so off-topic, but I was just reading the posts you linked to, and it's nice to see another Aimee Mann fan here!
I'm so glad Buffy whooped them all good. Makes my day yesterday.
This is weird, I could have sworn this was posted before, because I remember seeing it here, because that's how I found it and posted a comment to it.
It was linked before. But I think maybe from comments and not the main post?

ETA: Here.

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I missed this completely when it was in comments. MattK, Aimee Mann, like Sarah McLachlan, is never far OT ;-)
Oh god, a Buffy/Batman crossover would make my life complete in so many ways.
A Buffy/Hellboy crossover would be tops. Especially if it was written by Joss or Brian K. Vaughan with art by Mignola or Moline. And it's not too far fetched considering they're both Dark Horse properties.

Also, I love Aimee Mann too.

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There's something not quite right with that Dollhouse poster.

And Batman could totally take Buffy, even though I like Buffy better. Also, is it sad that this is the fifty-gagillionth time the Buffy/Batman thing has been discussed here in the three years I've been a member?

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