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July 29 2008

KPBS article on Jayne hats seen at Comic-con. Very cunning!

I'm ready!

Any reports on the Jayne hat flash mob that was supposed to go down at Comic-Con?
Sweet. I love my Jayne hat.
Any reports on the Jayne hat flash mob that was supposed to go down at Comic-Con?

Wow. I'd loved to have seen that happen.
many people who came to the booth thought that the Jayne Hat Mob was a really great idea. When the time came though, it didn't happen quiet as expected.

We have some ideas for next year though ;) Stay tuned!

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Sell outs at the CABC booth? Dr. Horrible shirts & Jayne hats. Pretty cool.
I think it's cunning.
My friend and I took to counting how many people were wearing Jayne hats in Ballroom 20 to pass the time between panels. It was awesome.
Woot. *raises hand* I love my Jayne hat!
You donít know it yet, but Firefly is already your favorite TV show.

Indeed, article writer person, indeed.

I shall be one of the proud wearing the hat to Dragon*Con. Weird to think that, way back in 2004 at my first Dragon*Con, Firefly was something I knew nothing about... I had seen one publicity photo and hadn't given it a second thought. So very glad I finally made that impulse buy a few years ago (2005, I think).
And this call was just put out by the Austin Browncoats for folks to make Jayne hats for Dragon*Con to raise money for charity - contact details are provided in the linked LJ. Thanks to betnoir for the info.
I bought the last hat at the SoCal Browncoats booth! The last one, I tells ya! It was quite a moment of luck.

And then when I got home from my flight, the fuzzy ball on the top had somehow unraveled. It was quite a moment of dismay.
To Unplugged,

Hi I'm one of the people who made hats for them,...if you got one of mine(Hot Pearls Hats) I will replace it if it has lost the ball. Please contact me at and I will need your snail mail addy to send another one. If it is mine I apologise for the 'ball failure', if its not I can fix it for you if you want, I tried very hard to get the ball tied on well.

I would love to see any pictures of the hats any of you might have, or if you want one feel free to contact me at the about email addy. "Jayne" rocks!!!

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