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July 29 2008

(SPOILER) Touring the Dollhouse set. AfterEllen explores Joss' new world.

That set is going to make some very pretty looking rubble when the Dollhouse gets blown up at the end of season 2.
I wish Fox would hurry up and ok the pics.
No spoilers, noplaceIcanbe.

*by the way, it's season 3.*
Yeah, end of season 3 sounds about right. I expect a destructive fight in the lab at some point previous to that, though. With at least scattered lab equipment. I like that Adelle is not wholly lacking in ruth.
This article reminded me... so this means Amy Acker could end up in episode one, right? Since Joss just wrote it again?

That'd be super.

Anyway, lovely article. Especially: "But he is also very likeable and delightful and kind of amoral. And he looks down on everybody else, and he has got red hair and thinks he is really cool but he is kind of a nerd. I read about a character like that once, so I based him on that."
Ooooo I have the exact same monitor at work as Adelle...this makes my desk seem a little bit more exciting...but not by much.
Last week on the last day of the TCA press tour, I joined a lucky batch of weary TV critics...

When I first read that, I thought they said "bath," and I was like, "Whoa, what is Joss doing over there?"

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