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July 29 2008

Joss Whedon - the photo. Taken at Comic Con. Currently wowing people at Flickr.

That's intense. And definitely a Polaroid, but a good Polaroid.
Wowsers. Joss is normally the cuddly looking type but man, that's hawt. (Or maybe it's "intense". Nah, he'll like hot better.)
That is a good shot.
Now that's a close-up. I'd have to breathe heavily before even thinking about saying something intelligent to him. Great job.
Beautiful photo. Very compelling. Could easily be a part of a series of portraits in a gallery. Kudos to the shooter.
Can you believe they're discontinuing Polaroids? They closed (or are closing?) down the factory that makes the Polaroid film. It's really quite sad.
He's so pretty. And, man, say what you want about digital, but Polaroid? To actually hold something in your hand and know it's good? Miss those days.
He looks so young, and kind of wistful...
Mmm. Soulful. This captures so much more of the man's quintessential Jossnessity than any professional studio portrait ever could. Very lovely. (And as a Polaroid fan from long time back, super job on the fly.) Thanks for sharing.
Very beautiful, pierces the soul.
Nice photo! very intense
"Whoa! Extreme close-up!"

I blew a chance at a really cool shot of Tony @MCB - it came out blurry. Which...too bad, because he saw my camera up, slowed and gave me a really goofy grin. I think I was laughing is why it came out looking like he was underwater.

And I was a right geek at that con, anyway - had BOTH my digital & my 35mm (The one I took the blur with) strapped over my chest all weekend. Made getting hugs rather awkward, lemme tell ya. see The Joss Himself? And that closely? Excuse me while I thud.

I believe the term is "bromance" now. ;-)
Jossirrah! Yowza.
General crush. Hope you feel hot and ego-like Joss. :)
Great shot. Oh Joss.
Nice nice. This runs a close second to the EW picture and yet how very different.
Okay, can someone please explain to me HOW all the writer/producer/creative folks from Buffy keep getting YOUNGER looking while the rest of us age?!?! Joss looks wonderful, Marti and Fury looked amazing in their "Dr. Horrible" cameos, Drew Goddard managed to look even younger with the (fake) Jefferson wig... it ain't fair, I tells ya!
I just looked at it again - most Joss-photos don't capture the Jossness that is apparent when you see him for realsies... this one does, and I think that's why people are liking it so much.

'Cause not only does he look good in this "Jossaroid" as Karo calls it at flickr, but Lou O' Bedlam has captured something charismatic about him, - and partly it's that quality of making you feel like he's really hearing you when you talk - it's a kind of focus that's very appealing.

Eeeshh... I hope Lou O' Bedlam didn't steal his soul when he shot this...
Hehehe I didn't notice the Flickr tags before. Those are rad.
Heh, funny that Felicia Day commented on the picture. Also: great shot. Now if only we could get a close-up of his brain. (and I say this in the most non-creepy-lets-please-not-cut-open-the-mans-skull way ;))
Actually, GVH, I was thinking that by the shade of his brow, we're already getting a glimpse of his darkness & crowdedness of his head. A place I'd like to play in. :) BTW, where have you been? It's been lonely not having the other half of my lobe around (under the assumption that we share a brain... well, I may borrow yours from time to time :)).
Awesome character in that shot. He'll still look like that when he's 80.
I'm pretty sure a mancrush is unrequited; a bromance is longterm and mutual.

Aww look, it's a picture of Joss.
Actually, what that photo reminds me of ... remember what an asshole Robin Williams' character had turned into in Hook, Peter Pan grown up into a businessman? Well, Joss is Peter but he never lost the feeling of what it feels to be youthful, creative, and full of life and fun. He's Peter with an edge (after all, Peter did kill pirates).
When I tell people that when I met Joss I found him intense and very attractive - knees weak attractive - they look at me like I'm a bit odd. Which, yes, but now I can direct those naysayers to this photo and say unto the naysayers "See, now that's what I'm saying!!" and the naysayers will say nothing, due to their being dumbstruck by the Jossness.

It's a beautiful and soulful photo that really captures his overwhelming charisma. Bella, bella!
What I love about the photo is how very, very perfectly it captures Joss.

He looks like a guy that could very well be about to crack a joke that will make you scream with laughter.
Or, a guy who will break your heart and make you scream with absolute frustration.

And yet, you'll still love either outcome!
I'm sure Joss'd frown upon playing in his brain, korkster ;). Also, now I know what happens whenever I suddenly can't think: you've borrowed my brain. Check.

Also, I've had a busy few days in real life. Had my birthday, was working on a promotion stand, posters, videos and the like for my student volleybalclub for use during the introductionweek at our university for new students, which is in two weeks, and went to a couple of parties and other social gathering type things ;). Damn my social life for taking me away from my beloved black :p
I believe VaVoom is the popular phrase...
mods, can we replace the current Joss photo with VaVoom Joss? It captures him so well! Yes, darn your social life! I avoid mine at almost all costs. BTW, I'd like to be able to think today... so quit hogging!
That is a brilliant photo.

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