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July 29 2008

Neil Patrick Harris interview at IF Magazine. More Dr. Horrible talk, plus Sondheim and more.

He loves Sondheim, so I went and did a singing gig for a Sondheim event in New York and he was there and he got to go meet Stephen Sondheim and go to his house and I was jealous of that.

Joss got to go to his house?! I'm right there in line behind NPH with my jealously!
I'll second floofypooh's agogness.

Joss got to go talk to Sondheim at his house. Maybe Sondheim is Joss' vocal coach - ya know, to help with the evil laugh and all. Wow!
iF: Any more plans for DR. HORRIBLE?
HARRIS: I think they're all very enthusiastic about the reception that it got. I'm sure it'll rear its horrible head again. In what context, I have not been told.
iF: Would you be interested?
HARRIS: I'm Dr. Horrible. Of course I'd be interested.

Love it.All along I've enjoyed the enthusiasm and love NPH has brought to this.
Second that, Lioness. NPH good. DHSAB sequel with NPH? Better.

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