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July 29 2008

Joss answers the "SMG in Dr.Horrible" question. Or does he ? CBR has a very late report from Comic Con, but there are new quotes and hilarious exchanges to be read. So is the Buffster a Hammer groupie or not ?

My take on the answer ? He's Jossing around..

Sure he is. He's just keeping the mystery of who that was. Still, that was a great panel, followed the showing later that night that was even more fun. My report is right here , but you can wander around the rest of the site.
Umm... I can't tell if you are kidding, but Joss clearly said in the panel that the extra with the black wig (not blonde) was not SMG. There was no wiggle room in his answer.
He flatly stated it was not SMG. My new theory is Juliet Landau.
I'm always jealous when I miss Joss panels - this one seemed amazing. The whole panel was incredible and hilarious - I'm so glad there are videos and reports everywhere!

I would love to watch Dr. Horrible and the Buffy Musical in a comic-con crowd. Very cool.

I <3 NPH's musical choices *grin* He's lovely.
Maybe it was Fake SMG.
I don't care anymore, but Joss did state that it was not SMG. Just saying.

impalergeneral, wasn't the energy in Room 6B AMAZING for the screening of DHSAB? Ah, I loved it! With a big heart. :)
Yes. Very, very clearly.

On a side note, wee earthquake!
Yeah, watching Twitter for earthquake bits is interesting.

ETA: hope everyone's ok!

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I thought it looked more like Emma Caulfield.
Singing in the Rain was the perfect example how not to do a musical. Take a single phrase; sing about that one phrase for five minutes; act for one minute; wash, rinse, repeat until you don't really care what happens as long as they stop singing.

I can't believe he said it was his second favorite unless he meant it as a joke (which is very possible, especially how Dr. H didn't go that route in any way).

Sweeny Todd is such a cliché answer. Why not Three-penny Opera? Oh wait. Same reason as Bringing in the Pain.
I knew it wasn't SMG!
BTW,earthquake? really?
TheGamut I had no idea you had no soul! ;P
I love Singin' in the Rain. It's the happiest movie on the planet, for me.
And now I'm singing Good Mornin'!! Good Moororrnin'!!

For you, TheGamut: Good Morning! ;D
Well, the way he said it wasn't was, ah, onion sauce!

Good to know that even people like him have trouble finishing things at times.

"KEep my personal life out of this." Comparing himself to Jerry Lee LEwis now?

And believeable that a classic film buff would rate Singing in the Rain high up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Personally I prefer Seven Brides for Seven Brothers amongst original movie musicals, and the Rodgers and Hammerstein adaptations over-all.)

And the Incredible Mr. Limpet does have a dark streak to it. Don Knotts usually did.

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I'm gonna hafta agree - he wasn't coy or tease-y or one-eyebrow-lift-y at all - he just said it wasn't Sarah, and it was clearly stated.

Yeah, I'm still going on the fact that an-as-yet-undisclosed Whedon'verse actor visited the Doc Horrible set, so Juliet looks very possible, too. I am happier about the notion of the nose and mouth being Juliet's, too - they are a better fit for Ms. Landeau.

And no matter who we discover the actual person to be, she will always be Fake SMG in my heart now, Pointy... 'cause that was wunnerfull.
In the few links I've seen, the person is referred to as blonde or in a trenchcoat. But she was neither! Did he expressly say 'the one in the black wig'?
There were two different people at issue, swanjun. A person in a trenchcoat and the woman in alleged wig and sunglasses.
There are multiple mysterious people in 45 minutes of video? I feel like I wasn't watching the same video as other people sometimes.
You know I came into this topic confused. Where in the show are these mysterious people?

And was there some official statement that somebody made a cameo somewhere? I thought it was neat seeing Liz Vassey in the ELE at the end and figured maybe that was some connection to Ben Edlund. (since she appeared in the live-action version of The Tick)
I still think it's Diablo Cody.
Only in Act 3, gang. The mysterious wig-lady was sitting next to the groupies in the auditorium. That's the one they call the Fake SMG. Which Joss definitely said was not.
"Second, soon they will be accepting 3-minute video submissions for the Evil League of Evil, and the top 10 entries will be featured on the DVD"

Joss is Bad Horse......
Ah, I must've missed trenchcoat lady somehow.
swanjun, wasn't Trenchcoat Lady the news reporter?
I think the Trenchcoat Lady is when Captain Hammer jumps off the van, lands in front of a woman, and sings, in Act I.
I still like to think it's SMG

i do like calling her Fake SMG tho!
Sweeney Todd is only a clichéd answer because it's the right answer. Best musical ever!
TheGamut--Singin' in the Rain is NOT how you are supposed to do a musical??? Sigh. Unless I'm not picking up on the cyber-sarcasm, my heart weeps for you. I love it from the opening credits to the closing credits. Pure gold. Better than gold. Better than gold dipped in chocolate.

I guess there are folks out there that would say Citizen Kane or The Godfather is how NOT to make a good movie, too.

(btw xander--I'm enjoying the FSMG talk too.)
I don't know of any official statement about a cameo, but there was this little bit I've linked to before from our trustworthy Doc Horrible camera-guy and rumor-confirmer bobw1o from back in March:

"Another Whedon Alum stopped by, but only to visit. In the case that this person is a cast member though, I'm gonna keep that one for now."

Here are some glimpses of Fake SMG, the Wigs-and-Dark-Glasses-Gal.

The Sweeny Todd is such a cliché answer. Why not Three-penny Opera?

I would imagine it was because the question was "What is your favorite musical?" to which the correct or best answer is whatever Joss says it is because it's about what he likes. It's pretty straightforward - and not particularly clichéd, either. It's a wonderfully-crafted musical - maybe Sondheim's best work so far.

I love The Threepenny Opera - but unless I missed a meeting, it was Joss and the writers and cast that were asked the question, and it's pretty impossible to get it "wrong."
Earthquake... it was fun.. scary for thirty seconds then fun.
Sweeney Todd is considered to be Sondheim's masterpiece. And it truly is. But my favorite Sondheim musical is Into the Woods. I think what makes a musical a personal favorite is partly dependent on when in your life you first saw it and what you were going through. I first saw Into the Woods when I was a parent of young children, and I was also dealing with the loss of a good friend who left behind three little children. It spoke to me then and it still speaks to me now.

And anyway... Singing in the Rain is just fun! It's got "Make 'em Laugh", and Cyd Charisse, for goodness' sake!
Thanks quotergal for the screen shots, but all they did was make me think even more that there is a conspiracy afoot...its even her body type...grr!
I think he got it, not her, from Madame Tussaud's.
Except "it" moves.
Sorry, just a stab in the guess there, thanks "onetrue."
It could have been the actress they used on the Angel episode "The Girl in Question".

Or maybe somebody in props put the Buffybot back together.
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. I would have bet money on this being SMG - the nose, chin, face shape, mouth, body type, etc. Also, the strange sunglasses, the obvious wig (watch how it moves or rather, doesn't), the stiff don't-notice-me position at certain points, and her proximity to the three featured "Hammer" groupies. She stands out from the rest of the extras like a sore thumb. I guess with Joss's matter of fact denial this will have to go down as one of the stranger resemblances mistakes in Whedonverse history (at least to my eyes). Huh. Weird.
I said it wasn't her, but then said is was Old Xander, and so since he was kidding as to the latter point, it casts shadows on the former point.

Eh, no stake in it either way -- just saying.
I think it's Katee Sackhoff shrunk to 3/4 size. Hear me out, I'm sure Dr. Horrible is working the kinks out of the "Shrinking Ray Gun!" These things take time, that's all.

You guys so crack me up:)
Oof, the Singing in the Rain comment has brought me back from my self (thesis)-imposed posting hiatus of a total of like 2 weeks. That's discipline.

Okay, back to TheGamut's Singing in the Rain comment. If you had water, I would borrow it-- [spits] What?!? Singing in the Rain is classic. Joss himself pays homage to it in OMWF when Xander and Anya fall laughing into the seat after their "I'll Never Tell" number. Plus, "Make 'Em Laugh" is like the first breakdancing, ever.

As for Sweeney Todd, I have not been lucky enough to see it live, and I was but whelmed (neither over nor under) by the movie...except for the ASH cameo. I loved the music, though, and I think that clip of NPH singing "Not While I'm Around" is fab. I love NPH for memorizing Les Miserables. Penny's song in Act II kind reminded me of "A Little Fall of Rain;" I wonder why...

I'm not going to touch Citizen Kane because while I recognize what the movie is and has done in terms of moviemaking and cinemetography, etc., I can't stand the movie itself. Godfather I and II, though, are perfect.

As for fake SMG, I thought it might have been her at first, but I tend to believe the guy who directed it. Call me crazy like that. :) You know, NB has slimmed down. Think he got a nose job, too?
Ah well, shame, one of those ugly facts opening a can of whoop-ass on our beautiful hypothesis. I'm still convinced there's more to her than a straightforward extra though. Something was afoot IMO.

(in fact, I didn't not see her on the grassy knoll so it's at least possible - those sunglasses would be hella useful for combating anti-assassin glare, especially if they're polaroid. Just sayin')

I would imagine it was because the question was "What is your favorite musical?" to which the correct or best answer is whatever Joss says it is because it's about what he likes.

Yeah but isn't actually answering with your favourite musical a total cliché ? I mean that's what everyone does. Personally my answer would be "Cushioned four-ply, unscented - you just can't beat it for comfort or economy".
I didn't think it was SMG. The nose doesn't match at all.

Singing in the Rain is a fine musical. Enjoyment should be the biggest factor in rating something a favorite, not technical stuff.
Nobody picked West Side Story?!

What's wrong with those guys?

And Sondheim's a genius with the words and all, but he couldn't write a decent tune with a Freeze Ray pointing at his head.
Don't kill me, it's so widely held a belief that it's a cliche of which I'm almost ashamed.

Seriously, give me 'Under Your Spell' or 'My Freeze Ray' over '>insert Sondheim 'song' here<' any day.

I know. Worms everywhere. Let's have a worm fight!

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I...what? Singin' in the Rain is a CLASSIC. It's the ultimate musical of the era of classic Hollywood musicals!
Joss has expounded elsewhere on his very real love and admiration for "Singing in the Rain." He wasn't giving a fake or sarcastic response, Gamut. And I agree with his assessment of "Singing." It is one fine, classic, clever, wondrous musical.
"Singin' in the Rain" please.

And all the more remarkable in that it's the Grandaddy of 'Mamma Mia', 'We Will Rock You', '>insert appalling bastardisation of much loved classics here<', et al. in that it was conceived as a way for Arthur Freed to revive his back catalogue.

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