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July 29 2008

More info on IDW's post 'Angel: After The Fall' storyline. As of #17, the title will become 'Angel: Aftermath' with fantasy author Kelley Armstrong joining the writing team. And industry legend John Byrne will be presenting 'Angel: Blood and Trenches', a standalone mini-series set in World War One.

Not quite clear if John Byrne will be writing the mini-series. For me he's the definitive Superman writer so it'd be cool to see him write Angel.

I'm disappointed with how Angel will be continuing from this information. I'll probably be jumping ship with 16.
Well to be honest there's really not much information to go on. The title is changing names which happens in the industry and a new writer is coming on board. I'm seeing the next chapter as along the lines of Angel Season 7. If new details prove otherwise, then fair enough. Though I wouldn't mind knowing if the intention is to make Angel an ongoing title.
I don't think I understand fully. Is Brian Lynch handing off the series to someone else? Why? I'm so confused! Help!
Thanks, Simon. Good to know we're all in the dark.
Will it be Joss-approved canon is what I want to know.
Here is what I gathered from the article.

1. We've always known "Angel: After the Fall" stops at #16.

2. Now, however, we're getting confirmation that Angel continues PAST "After the Fall #16," becoming Angel: Aftermath.

3. The article suggests that Jennifer Armstrong JOINS Brian Lynch, not replaces him. Which means that they might both work on the book together. But either way, I'm happy that there is more ANGEL coming.
Sounds like Brian is co-writing Aftermath.

And does it continue its current numbering?It sounds like it.

John Byrne has done some art for the Angel line but has never written for it before.Should be interesting.

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Well, we know what Joss did the story for After the Fall with Brian. Perhaps Armstrong coming on for "Aftermath" means that Brian will be doing the story with her on that, while she will do the actual scripting. Maybe the reverse. Or maybe they are going to do both together. Or maybe its something completely different, that somehow involves juggling. We can only hope.
John Byrne! John Byrne! I am unable articulate just how awesome I find this.
On board for Aftermath, definitely NOT picking up Blood and Trenches.
I'm curious whether Whedon will be involved in the planning of the "Aftermath" series, or even for that matter the "Spike: After the Fall" series (for which there is no Whedon credit). I don't necessarily want to get into the whole canon debate again, but I am kind of curious what Whedon, he-who-created-Angel-and-Angel, considers to be Angel's "actual" story and what he doesn't.
Yeah, I might jump ship come issue 16 too. The comics are driving me crazy--not because I dislike them, but the wait between issues kills me and the end result (not just with Angel, but with any comic) doesn't often make all that time worth it. I think I'm just not suited to the comics format. Presumably, #16 will have a semi-satisfying conclusion, given that it's where the story was originally planned to end, and I'll probably pick up the Aftermath trades as they come out. Some news that JOss planned the upcoming stories might, might convince me to change my mind, but even then...

I'm willing to put up with my impatience for Buffy because now that I've gotten myself into it, I don't want to give it up. But alas.
I'm afraid this is going to lose me as a reader ... unless Joss confirms it as canon and says he actually had some involvement in it

I have to say it makes me a little angry that Lynch - who's done only a passable job on the comics - and some novelist who has never had anything able to do with Angel will be writing supposedly canonical stories especially if they're without Joss's consent. What irks me more is that they're keeping the same numbering system which strongly implies that the new (possibly not Joss authorised) stories are also canonical. I'll be really annoyed if there's a cliffhanger at the end of #16

End of rant. Sorry Brian
The idea of "canonical stories" existing without Joss's "consent" seems inherently contradictory to me. Whether IDW publishes them is a different question than whether they are canon. But I think those who don't quibble over the whole canon thing (and probably many of those who do) should be very excited about Brian continuing and John Byrne's participation. BL's done a very fine job, I reckon.
If it's declared non-canon, I'll probably jump ship at #16 although I might end up checking out "Aftermath" eventually, and treating it the same way I treat "Shadow Puppets" or Peter David's "Spike vs. Dracula"--or even some of the M.E. alums' stories, like Jane Espenson's "Haunted" or Doug Petrie's "Ring of Fire"--an interest in the author, and not an interest in...the continuation of the 'verse. I think there's a crucial difference in terms of expectations and in terms of how I react to the story; non-canon can be good, and is in some ways freer than canon, but is much, much less appointment reading.
Right, also: I'm not all that familiar with John Byrne's work besides for the Lorne story, which was gorgeous. I might end up checking out the "Blood and Trenches" arc, even though I'm pretty much automatically treating that as non-canon.

Chris Ryall has said that KELLEY ARMSTRONG is doing "Aftermath." The Jennifer this is a reporter getting it wrong.

Check out the link to see:
Well, let's see, Kelley Armstrong is the author of eight published fantasy novels, while Jennifer Armstrong is a prolific writer of young adult and children's books . . . I should've checked up on that . . .

Thanks for following up, patxshand - I'll amend the link title.
"The idea of "canonical stories" existing without Joss's "consent" seems inherently contradictory to me. "

I entirely agree. I just chose my words badly.
Guys, I know I've said this before but for the sake of showing a little respect for the writers involved can we at least keep an open mind about these books beyond whether they are canon or not?

Every thread I've read about the comics recently has immediately turned into "are they canon or not" discussions and I rarely see anyone say they'll consider continuing, canon or not, as long as the writing is good and the comics are a quality product.

I know that there are many Whedon fans who don't usually buy comics and so are only getting these because they are the official continuation of the series but try and look at this from the point of view of Brian Lynch and the rest of the creative team who might check these comments out now and again. How would you feel if your work was so easily dismissed based on the word (or lack of it, more to the point) of Joss, no matter how good it might actually be?

It would just be nice to see the occasional Whedonesquer say something along the lines that they will judge the comics on quality, rather than canon, at least for a while and show a little respect for the work these guys are doing. If the fact they are canon really is the only reason you are getting these comics then I'd say you are wasting your money anyway.

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Thank you Highlander. After reading some of these posts, I felt a little bad for Brian, who I know is trying as hard as he can. Just the mere fact that he's taking on a show with so many fans must be pretty daunting, and in my opinion he's done a great job so far. Keeping an open mind helps everyone, I think.

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If the fact they are canon really is the only reason you are getting these comics then I'd say you are wasting your money anyway.

It's not the only reason I'm buying them, but it's the only reason I made it a point to start them to begin with. For me, the non-canon stuff is like the tie-in novels and on-line fanfic: if it's good enough, I'll read it - when I have nothing else; it's not a must-have.
I feel bad for this, especially for the writers involved, who deserves all my respect, but since the beggining it saddened me that I didn't see the same involvement that Joss has with S8.
Every thread I've read about the comics recently has immediately turned into "are they canon or not" discussions and I rarely see anyone say they'll consider continuing, canon or not, as long as the writing is good and the comics are a quality product.

Like it or not, for some of us it makes a difference to how we see the comics. With a non-canonical story, if it's reviewed well and it's by a writer I know and enjoy (or maybe if it's a new writer but the previews look good or i've some other reason to take a look) then i'm possibly gonna try it. If it's a canonical continuation of the story though, i'll definitely be reading it come what may unless it gets so bad/off-message that in similar circumstances i'dve stopped watching the TV show (and that'd take some doing) just because I want, even need, to see how these characters end up. And as others say above, canonical means at least Joss approved, if not necessarily Joss plotted/written.

With non-canonical stories I can stop reading and just cease to be a fan of that particular writer/artist (or even that particular story of theirs) but if I stopped reading a canonical continuation that, for me, would be tantamount to saying I was no longer a fan of the Buffyverse full stop, like saying "Buffy ? Angel ? Meh".
What Saje said, basically.

As I said, I won't immediately dismiss something non-canon as of poor quality, but it is still important to differentiate between "This is the same story as the show we have loved for five years" and "This is a possible story." If it's not canon, it's fanfic, and I don't mean that as a negative; a lot of fanfic is really good. If Tim Minear came along and did a post-Angel comic arc that, for some reason, wasn't considered canon, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Brian Lynch is a good writer but hasn't floored me so far, so while I'll probably check out non-canonical stuff it's not as huge a priority.

I, too, am somewhat disappointed that Whedon doesn't seem to be very involved in "ATF," mostly because it seems a bit that he doesn't care as much about Angel as about Buffy.
Again, hate to be repetitive:

I need to know if Aftermath is canon. I don't have the money to buy non-canon, even if it is good.

(I'm pretty much assuming Blood and Trenches is non-canon.)

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