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July 29 2008

Dr. Horrible panel from Comic-Con finally on You Tube. It's in several parts, this being part one.

Here are the links for...

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

A little bad language from Neil, and Joss in Part 6. Otherwise, it's cool.

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Blame it on Bad Horse, always a jackass in relations.
This was actually posted in the middle of another thread, but as its rolled off the page maybe we'll leave it up so more folks get a chance to take a peek. Please make sure to use the Extended field when posting things like this since the main Description goes to the front page.
I appreciate the links, it is hard to find all of them in any one place.
I do as well. I was there and I still don't remember it all.
It was extremely cool of Dark Horse to let these rowdy internet singalong types take over their panel.
Huh, I posted this earlier, but it got taken down. Maybe it was because I didn't post the video and instead posted the user profile page which had all the videos on them. Plus it's not the whole thing as there is some skipping between videos.
Whoo-hoo! I'd only seen the first 7 minutes.
This is actually about half of the panel, as the person who posted the video states. It is the most complete one I've been able to find, though.
Someone I met at Comic-Con recorded the entire panel and promised to mail me a DVD. If I get it, I can upload that.
Unfortunately, well, actually fortunately, some of the questions were chopped off, but there were some awkward ones, for sure... but our team bounced back. Need full one. This isn't it.
If anyone's still interested, the full panel is up starting here.

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