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July 29 2008

Joss gets fans into Sci Fi Channel/EW party. Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson shares a cute anecdote from Comic-Con, about taking an elevator with Joss and his entourage, and his magnanimous approach to party-going.

About half-way down. Frakking' cool, indeed.

I want to go to a party. I love how he has an entourage.
That's really, really cool.
In his case, should it be called a "Whedontourage"?
I think "Josstourage" would fall off the tongue better.
What's wrong with "henchmen"? Too gender-specific?
What's wrong with "henchmen"? Too gender-specific?

We don't know if they were in the Henchmen's Union or not.
How about minions?
I can go with minions. But, even Joss' minions are far superior than mine. If I had any. Which I don't. So I guess I can't play.
Entourage? Wouldn't that just have been the people he came with? Family and friends? His mishpucheh? That's what I was picturing - can't feature a real entourage...

We noticed the deck of that party decorated with both EW and SciFi logos when we were looking for a restaurant Saturday night, um, not far from Cow Corner - how sweet of Joss to use his power for good.
That party was near Cow Corner?
That's a lovely anecdote. And Whitney's panel was high-up on my priority list (Ms Matheson! Brad Meltzer! Paul Feig!) , but impossible to make, being scheduled right slap-up against the end of the DH one.
She had a tweet earlier about some "Whitney Matheson" popping up on one IM network or another and how it wasn't her. I suggested it might be potential ELOE member Fake Whitney Matheson.

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You could've made some of the panel actually. They continued letting the huge line of people into the room while the panel was going on. Got in the end of the line when it was outside, made it into the room less than halfway through the panel. Guess they wanted to get everyone in before the Pushing Daisies panel.
We saw a 2nd floor deck that was decorated with both logos, so we deduced a combo-party was a'coming - it was on the same cross/side street as Cow Corner.
Ah, thanks for the info, hacksaway. I wasn't that fussed in the end though - I tried to keep it all low-key at CC this time around.
We don't know if they were in the Henchmen's Union or not.

It's a valid concern -- they may not have put in enough Henchmen Hours yet.
Doesn't anyone bother to read the Henchman Handbook anymore? Article 112 on page 56 in paragraph 4 clearly states that Henchmen are not allowed to speak or socialize with anyone unless it's to tell some crude joke about guns, knives, or their victim's anatomy. Geez...
And if you stop to read the whole post, other whedonesque peoples appear also, including our awarded artist Fábio Moon (Sugarshock) and right around top of the page Brad Meltzer (Buffy Season: Season 8)
That was a really cool anecdote.

Also: I really, totally love that human tetris costume.
Awwww. He's such a cool guy. :D

And "fluky" is preferred over "minion", "toady", and "lickspittle".
This is so unsurprising from a guy who played dorm room DJ at his college reunion and sent an open invitation to fans to meet him at a pub.

And the human tetris costumes totally won me over. New team sport?
Human Tetris! Oh, and Joss's coolness is noted. He's less colorful and right-angled though.
Wow. I hadn't even noticed the cows. It seems like I missed a lot even though I was at CC & went to the panels. Guess I'll have to work harder next year.
Not at all surprised to hear that. At the Serenity premiere, after a short period of time, the whole thing was one big party. No off-limits VIP section or anything. And I remember seeing Joss at the door talking to security basically saying let everyone in.
Joss=class. Truly.
Is Fake Whitney Matheson telling people that she is in the ELE? In college, she was an Evil League of Evil summer intern, but she is not a member of the League. There's no way Fake Whitney gets into the League before No-Sense-of-Direction-Carmen-San-Diego, who didn't even get nominated for the League this year.

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