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July 30 2008

Crochet interview campaign gets coverage in EW blog. The blog at agrees that it makes sense for Joss to be interviewed by a crochet publication.

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Sorry about that zeitgeist. I just got so excited (and am doped up on Benadryl) so I forgot the proper punctuation. Won't happen again.

Yay crochet!
Yay! Benadryl knocks me right out :) so I'm right there with you.
The pressure from the crocheting community grows more intense with each passing day. These people are dedicated and they're organized. I think it's just going to get worse.
Even the man's jokes may be able to bend reality to their will.
These people are dedicated and they're organized. I think it's just going to get worse.

Fear our dull hooks!
They have dull hooks! They are pirate-like and crafty! And they are already among us! I am afraid.
They are fierce and fuzzy - a tightly knit community.
I fear this thread.
I came across this article the other day about the resurgence of the knitting community as an extension of exactly the same sort of counterculture/DIY mentality Joss & Co. employed in making Dr. Horrible.

That tone is crucial, because the craftster scene is one to watch. Like earlier eras' garage-band and punk and 'zine scenes, this is one of those rare, actually of-the-people crusades that start from the bottom up: a few plebeian pals horsing around in a basement and somehow, somehow, whatever they come up with catches on. That this can still happen in a processed world should give us hope. In 2003, Boston-area computer programmer Leah Kramer started based on a lifelong hobby that she hadn't realized many others shared until she started posting project ideas and pictures online. Almost entirely by word of mouth, the site quickly expanded to more than 100,000 members. Thousands more join every month. Other sites pepper the Internet, long-tailing the crafting subculture into subsubcultures: the neo-knitters, the book-cover refigurers, the sewing-machinists. And yes, this anti-industry intifada is now itself an industry, with its own superstores, TV shows, ad-laden Web sites, celebrities and books, because after all this is America. Still craftsterism is, at heart, all heart. It has to be. Originality is non-negotiable when anything is made by hand. In a consumer culture where even the so-called customized is mass-produced -- think ring tones, think M&Ms printed with your favorite photograph -- this is the revolutionary part. Human one-of-a-kindness.

And just for fun, check out these gangsta knittas.

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Hmmm... I'm not convinced the crochet community holds power yet. Rumbles, for sure, but power? What would they talk about on the Joss Whedon interview anyway? "Hey, do you like our Jayne hats? Yes." /interview

Eh, maybe I'm being too skeptical (or maybe I'm afraid of crochet).

Gansta Knittas were pretty cool.
...a tightly knit community.

Thanks. Thanks for the ice tea that is now all over my keyboard. And my sore nose. ;P
a tightly knit community

A brilliant groaner, QuoterGal.

korkster, I'm pretty sure that Kim Werker could come up with lots of good questions for Joss.

Of course, she's kind of my latest hero, so that could be why I have such faith in her. (As I told my boyfriend, "She's the Joss of crochet!")
I think we can expect some of these ladies to be applying for the Evil League of Evil, dull hooks in hand.
knit one, purl two, slash & jab three
Of course, she's kind of my latest hero, so that could be why I have such faith in her. (As I told my boyfriend, "She's the Joss of crochet!")

Kim Werker, Question One: Do you consider yourself the me of web-based supervillain musicals?

Question Two: Having dabbled in film, television, comic books and now web video, do you feel ready to explore the creative potential of needlecraft? In other words, is it time for Joss Whedon to get serious?

Question Three: Controversy simmers on the Web over whether Adam Baldwin is as adorable as Crochet Jayne? Which one would you rather see hanging from your rear view mirror? Be honest.

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I'm now envisioning webisodes featuring the cast of Firefly as featured at Geek Central Station.
Brilliant idea, Kiba! But are you thinking new original material, or something more akin to Monty Python's Holy Grail done in legos?
I'm good with either one, BrewBunny.

We've had puppet Angel. Why not amigurumi Mal?
I fear what the doll people will do with Dollhouse.
I fear what the doll people will do with Dollhouse.

HEE! Brilliant. *makes plans for Echo doll*
As long as they don't do anything like these ...
Everytime I think of Crochet Me interviewing Joss I keep picturing the scene from "Notting Hill" where Hugh Grant's character tries frantically to come up with questions to ask Julia Roberts about her space blockbuster for Horse and Hound.

But seriously, I am totally looking forward to a Joss interview about crafts.
I guess this is the day's singalong thread, so . . .

Twitter: drhorrible Check out the new button.

Mushortio? Nice.
My friend who has made hundreds of Jayne's hats over the past three and a half years made mini-Jayne's hats with pins for all the members of the CSTS organising teams and volunteers for Vancouver and Seattle. I commissioned 20 of them to take to my Goners/Whedonesque friends at Comic-Con and everyone who wore them seemed to get a few people asking about them.
I'm still hoping the crotchet people get their wish. It'd be reason for a terribly funny interview. I do think Pointy's questions should be manditory in any Jossian crotcheting interview, by the way.

Also: I'm now rooting for this to happen in the same way I was rooting for the 'My Date With Drew' guy (which, still, great movie). I'd love for something like this to succeed.
It'll be hilarious if it happens. Here's hoping they come up with more than 3 questions! Huzzah!

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