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July 30 2008

Dollhouse Poster from Comic Con. Also some more great pics of Eliza, Joss, and Tahmoh from All About Tahmoh Penikett.

Has the poster been posted here elsewhere (I've no doubt someone will let me know!)? Had kind of a busy week and so I'm not 100% caught up with everything we've seen come out of the Con yet.

Has the poster been posted here elsewhere (I've no doubt someone will let me know!)?

Don't think so. I was kinda hoping that Fox would make available a high quality version of the poster on their Future Fox blog and release the Comic Con Dollhouse trailer as well. But no such luck. I would say EPIC FAIL but I won't. I would hope that their fan pleasing tactics haven't atrophied. It's going to be a long wait till January and us fans will take any gifts we can get.
God (said the devout agnostic) how I hate, hate, hate that logo.
I find it strangely soothing.
The logo is just meh for me (although I hated it with the blue background and mirrored Eliza faces), but I do like the poster overall.
I didn't think it was possible but Eliza looks washed out....
Well, she is apparently floating in water. ;)
I kind of wish they didn't put a gun on the poster. It makes it look action centered. Maybe it will be heavy on action... The logo looks much better here than it did in the trailer. I like it.
Yep. I don't like the poster. It makes her head look detached. And washed out. Why don't they use that awesome picture of the three of them instead? That would make me happy. :)

The logo initially didn't jive with me right, but now that they cut it up and space it out in the clips... it's better. I actually like it now.

I don't think I'll feel that way about the poster though. ;p
I don't like the poster either. It's ugly,despite having the lovely Eliza Dushku in it.
Yeah, that's not a great poster. Hopefully, Fox will put out some other ones.

Even better, maybe they will make them available for free like they did with "Sarah Connor Chronicles" back in January.
There's something odd about that poster, I can't quite place it, but it looks like her head has completely different lighting to her body (and not just because her body's underwater).

The logo does indeed look better on that poster than it has done before (and have they done something with the S?), but frankly, it's still shit. I assumed it was something someone had create for promo purposes within the studio and upfronts and that, I think Joss mentioned he'd done something on Photoshop at some point too. But it just doesn't cut it for an actual logo. It's so easy with a name like Dollhouse to want to incorporate that into the logo, but I honestly don't think it'll work, at least not in this way.

Now the rant's out of the way, I wonder how much a signed copy would go for on eBay? :)

ETA: Valentyn, I actually like the gun, but only because we've never really seen guns in Joss' work before now. There was Firefly, but old-fashioned-futuristic guns seem different. IIRC, the gun in River's hallucination in Objects in Space looked like a normal, modern gun, and I don't think that was an accident.

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I'm pretty indifferent about the logo, but that poster just doesn't quite work. That first picture is all kinds of awesome, though.
I can't believe my first comment is going to be squeeing over how cute Tahmoh and Eliza are together, but seriously, not one comment yet on the adorable photos of Tahmoh and Eliza posing together? The dramatic height difference will be a challenge for the series I would think, but they seem to get along really well though, so that's exciting!

I'm not a huge fan of the poster, but it seems to be an attempt at a clever play on "what lurks beneath the surface" or something like that.
It looks like a bad fanart manipulation... her hed iz pastede on yay!!
Justine, the photo was already linked to in an another thead. Needless to say, there was much squeeing.

Mod note: the permalink in that article is now wrong, since they seem to have added more photos. It should now be,,20215160_35,00.html -- I think the photo count is now up to 54 from 37.

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Thanks, MattK - fixed.
MattK, I was actually talking about the photos of just Tahmoh and Eliza in the second link, not the EW one of Tahmoh, Joss & Eliza in the first link. I'm virtually positive that the ones of just Tahmoh and Eliza haven't been posted.
Oh, okay, my bad. They do look pretty nice, I can only imagine what things Joss has in store for us regarding their relationship.
I'm having about the same response to the poster as I did to the original Serenity poster. Meh. And I hate the gun. Jeez, we've seen so many intriguing photos from the set, etc. One would think they could do better with the poster. I'm not even sure what they are trying to say with the poster. And it isn't enigmatic enough for me to want to ponder it. I'm glad I'm already on board for watching the show, because this poster wouldn't do it for me.
Those were good pics. Need more of our Whedon crew, though. How come no love for Dr. Horrible? Or T:TSCC? Where's the love?

Thanks for that link, Justine. Man, do they look scrumptous! Maybe I'm hungry.
The gun makes an interesting contrast to the dreamy, innocent expression on her face, telling you it's not a sweetness and light show. I think the picture of ED is ok. But something must be done about the logo and the background.
I like the photo just fine - but that logo is definitely problematic. I get that the two type differently-angled baselines are supposed to be coming together around the "LLH" to create a Dollhouse "structure" effect, but I don't think it's strong or compelling and honestly - I don't get that "S" treatment.

I'm hoping it's still a temporary logo, but it's getting a little late for that...
Ugh, the poster is awful! I can't pick out a single thing I like about it nor do I have any clue what it is trying to say. Come on, Fox! Surely there are better ideas out there???

Contrarily, I am more excited than ever about the show after seeing the panel at CC. Eliza is a force in person, and I can't wait to see that electrifying passion tranferred into such a variety of roles. I was never a huge Faith fan (though I've always thought she was very well-acted) and it took me awhile to get onboard with the Dollhouse excitement. But now, it is definitely here! In fact, Eliza is one of the best panelists I've seen as far as being entertaining in that setting and getting us excited for the show, and her love for Joss is sweeter than honey.

And the photo of the three of them is freaking adorable :)
Justine, I'll second -- or third -- your comment about the pics of the two. They not only look adorable together, but the chemistry is palpable between the two of 'em. I mean, chemistry between co-stars is truly alchemical: it's left in the hands of God or chance. For whatever reason, Eliza and Tahmoh look truly comfortable together, physically easy and free with each other. That is an amazing boon to a show, if the romantic leads have real chemistry together. It promises good things.

(I have watched shows and movies in which chemistry between the co-stars elevated everything. The Notebook being my favorite example.
I like the poster. Advance posters like this, made before they've really decided on what the actual ads will look like, are always a mixed bag. There's an advance poster of Xena where Xena looks really insecure, for instance.

Here, this poster is all kinds of problematic -- Eliza's uncomfortable, her face might have been partially photoshopped in from a "dry" moment before her makeup ran, and you can't see her neck so her head looks odd, and her arms look large due to the water refracting the light, and, I expect that once I get the poster in my hands I'll notice airbrushing on her underarms (though I suppose I'd get laser electrolysis if I were an actress, and maybe she has).

But all that just makes it a damn interesting poster, imo.
Not a fan of the poster either- and was also thrown by the gun.
I'm excited about the show but the poster is just awful. She looks like someone wrapped seaweed around her head; and with the gun, she looks like a washed-out 'bond' girl. Hope this is just version 1.0
dottikin, I didn't actually know of any movie before your post where the leads were actually in a relationship together. Not sure I'd check out The Notebook based on its reviews, but it's definitely piqued my interest.

I've just bought the poster for $5 off eBay just as a sort of keepsake to remind myself I was here from the beginning. The seller says it looks a lot nicer in person, but I'm not holding out hope tbh.
Yeah, that poster is not a winner.

I'm also disappointed that a website called "All About Tahmoh Penikett" doesn't seem to have much info on his extremely hot actress/model twin sisters. Good looks sure run in that family.
This is off-topic, but this thread is getting a lot of attention, so I was hoping someone could explain this to me.

I thought I just clicked the Whedonesque logo to go back to the home page, but instead I was directed to this:

Say wha'?

Edit: Ah, sorry.. it seems it's linked to the "Joss" above the "Esque". Must be an old in-joke of which I'm not aware.

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Well, let me add to the chorus of 'this poster's not all that'. Although, at least, there's no llama. Upside.

The logo, for me, doesn't quite work. But I'm getting used to it. For instance, apart from everything I loved to death about Serenity, I never actually liked the logo so much. Now, though, it has positive, fun connotations and just seeing it makes me smile. I'm sure I'll get used to the Dollhouse logo, eventually.

I also imagine that this poster isn't going to be used for much actual promotion. If anything, just seeing Eliza and the name will be enough to raise some more awareness. Now, hopefully, the actual promotional posters'll be great. I remember Fox doing quite a good job for T:SCC, so that's somewhat promising at least.
MattK, was that sound a sheep?
Yes, korkster, yes it was. And not the voice of Joss at all? . . . Or was it? O.o
Don't mess with my half-lobe, man! I can't take it! Aaaaa!
AlanD, All about Tahmoh doesn't have much on his sisters because it strikes me as a little off-topic and slightly creepy. I try to post mostly professional things to the site and I know Tahmoh appreciates that. Although I will agree that they certainly do benefit from good genes. :)
I didn't even notice the logo the first time I saw it. I just saw Eliza and gun in water. My brain doesn't connect "Dollhouse" to water and probably filtered it as irrelevant. Maybe it'd work if they called it Dollboat or JAWS or Wacky Waving Inflatable Floating Dolls with Guns.
I think there should be some sort of poster with us looking into Eliza's "window to the soul", but that may be too "Tru Calling"-ish.

What about a door opening to her forehead? Or, make her look doll-like and blank, with a catchy phrase.
Sorry Justine, I wasn't trying to be critical of your site. I just like supporting local Vancouver talent, and think it interesting that the Penikett family has produced not just a Helo but also twin "Shelos". I mean how long had Whedonesque been around before we found out about the cool other-brothers-Whedon?

Anyhow, keep up the good work.
I really don't like the looks kind of retro, kind of like the Swingtown logo actually. Ugh. I was hoping for something a little more dramatic, but all of Joss' logos have always been more stylized than most, like how the Lost logo is very clearly a take on a typing font (courier new-like) and is just a little worn down and puffed up. But Angel is a very hard logo to pinpoint, font-wise, and Buffy had it's own font, and Firefly had it's own (though "Serenity" was certainly like the Papyrus font).

I think the poster is interesting...I think the show has a lot of buzz on it's own, and I think Joss does action so well, that I don't mind the gun in the poster...I actually wanted there to be more emphasis on the mission, the idea of being virtually deleted and rebooted to be someone else.

Loved Joss' interview. I always love when he's talking. Such insight into not only how his work affects fans, but also of how his cast works together and what makes things as creatively powered as possible. His focus has always been more about people, and how they live and survive amid all this anger and danger, and he's never covered that up with big booms and steadicam shots. Thank goodness.

It's always sad to hear that his heart had been broken after Firefly. I feel like Firefly, in some ways, was more of his baby than Buffy, because it struggled so much more.

And, as the moments in which he claims we'll lie wimpering, naked in the corner, going "WHO AM IIIII?" hahaha.
I hate the poster. Eliza is a beauty, but the poster is ugly.
Yeah, that's not great IMO. It's not mysterious or artful enough to make me curious and not explicit enough to give me the slightest clue what the hell the show's about. And are those hands around Echo's neck or what ? It definitely looks like an unbrilliant Photoshop job.

Plus, I don't like the way they've blatantly airbrushed the Llama out of the background.

(don't mind the gun, presumably they're riffing on a Bond poster or similar while trying to convey "look, action !". Besides, it's just an object, it doesn't mean what you think ;)
The llama is always there. It's invisible and can only be seen by true fans.

Yeah seriously not digging on the logo or the poster. (I am fan, hear my disapproval, internet!)
Then how do you know it's invisible ? Is that an admission of unTrueness ?
Because other people keep missing it. Its big dance number in Dr. Horrible has barely even been mentioned.
"Coven of the Cloven-hoofed ...". One of Joss' best. They really are sure-footed.
GrrrlRomeo: My brain doesn't connect "Dollhouse" to water and probably filtered it as irrelevant. Maybe it'd work if they called it Dollboat or JAWS or Wacky Waving Inflatable Floating Dolls with Guns.

Perhaps the water is supposed to represent the brainwashing aspect of the show? As in, she's about to be submerged into her Doll mode or is just emerging out of it?

I agree the whole thing could have been done better though. The reflected light in the water around her face is making things look a little odd in a disembodied way (in the small picture anyway).

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Or amniotic fluid, as in the safety and comfort of the womb then birth. I'd say that's maybe partly what's being alluded to in the trailer where we see Echo underwater and seemingly at peace.
I'm waiting for a poster of Eliza and Tahmoh. Ever since the BSG miniseries, I've been going, "Why haven't I see him more?" and now here's our chance, and these two are supposed to be smoldering romantic foils to each other...come on, already! Let's put a little punch into this relationship, poster style.
There's also the idea that water washes everything away. Kind of like the little light-gadgets in the lab seem to do.
Yep, nothing says "universal solvent" like having your every experience wiped.
I was thinking more symbolically and liturgically, but yeah it's got great polarity, too.
I much prefer JayneLovesVera's artwork.

For me it captures the tension between the objectification and Echo's individual will and between total control and danger.
Pulp city! That's a very compelling image by JlV.
JLV and Pointy haz a blog. That's kinda newsy. Cool.

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