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July 30 2008

Felicia Day tapped by to write and star in new series. Interview with Felicia Day about her new project, a bit about how that affects the Guild and mentions of Dr. Horrible.

Jedi chef! Way cool.

Did anyone catch the link to the article about how Dr. Horrible might bank 2.6 million bucks before it ever hits DVD?

And FD, good on ya, girl!
I am so pleased for her. She is a refreshing talent.
Well, to paraphrase that famous quote from a Boston rock critic who heard a certain singer from New Jersey...

"I saw the future of internet sitcoms that may be funnier than the regular kind, and it's Felicia Day"

$2.6 mil for Dr. Horrible? He is Batman and Mamma Mia rolled into one...only with better overall singing.

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Yay, more Felicia! Good for her!

Her first creation, The Guild, garnered almost two million views, higher than some of the popular shows on television.

I love The Guild, but...huh?
Well, hacksaway, that statement may be true in relative terms, if you compare seeing shows on the internet to watching them on T-V.
On the other hand, that audience number may be pretty good if you compare it to viewership in cable shows.
Great for Felicia, who really deserves getting more praise for her work.
Mad Men is triumphantly proclaiming that the season premiere got 2 million viewers so 2 millions views of the Guild is not at all bad.
Of course, Mad Men had 2 million unique viewers (which is what 80x AMC's normal viewership? /snark), the Guild's actual viewership is harder to pinpoint. How many watched more than once? How many watched with 6 people at one computer?
I keep reading this post title as "trapped".
Just to clarify, I think The Guild is doing very, very well. I guess I was just thinking in terms of networks when they said "popular" shows, because 2 million would be automatic cancellation on anything other than the CW. Of course, The Guild is also way better than anything on the CW...
You are right, zeitgeist, but I think the comparison works to just get a rough idea of scale. At least it does in my addled brain. Still recovering from CC.
zeitgeist: 2 million for its pilot, or its second season or what? I'd check myself, but I'm just now watching the first season, and I don't want to be accidentally spoiled anywhere. It seems to be a fairly high calibre series, certainly very polished -- if AMC doesn't usually get many viewers, how could they afford that?

ETA: Sorry, the answer was up-thread, my fault for not reading properly.

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Great pic on the article!

And yey! More Felicia! Always good!
Episode 1 has been seen 1.9 million times. It drops off pretty quickly after that though, with 340K being the low end.

Interestingly, the newly annotated Episode 10 has already been seen 140K times in the two weeks since it was uploaded. So there is obviously quite a lot of recent interest.

When comes back online, I will definitely be getting the DVD.
About the recent interest... I make the portuguese subtitle version of The Guild, and although the translations versions are NOTHING compared to the original, they've been getting more hits since Dr. Horrible, which is great!
She certainly is the new geek darling, isn't she? Good on you, FD. Who'd 'a ever thunk "Vi" would make it genre big?

And if she's so respected and such this creative force, imagine what her and Amber could do on a collaboration! Imagine the 'potential'. Heh.

Amber Benson, the original genre multi-tasking, multi-talented, motivated, passionate, inspiring, ambitious and hugely talented Go-To Girl!
I'm still recovering from my Felicia geek-crush, so this is awesome news. I absolutely love how she continues to do her own thing and is being totally successfull at it. Also: how good is she in tapping online interest to its fullest? She's very approachable and one could almost imagine her being a regular friend (I know the way she presents herself personally online, reminds me of a few people I hang out with). It's a very appealing combination and should provide her with a stable fanbase for some years to come, I think.

And yeah, it does remind me of what Amber was/is doing, Willowy. Only, I think Felicia is somewhat more geek savy and as such is better able to hold onto her growing internet fanbase (she's using social networks and web 2.0 features to their fullest, which is impressive, because that probably takes massive amounts of time).

ETA: above is in no way a dismissal of what Amber's doing. I love her to bits as well :).

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GVH, Felicia is very approachable.

Love Amber too, but I wonder if Felicia is tapping her viewers better. I mean, Twitter, Facebook, her own website... and she responds when you write her... I feel a closer connection to her.
With her natural talent tucked into clever, current, interesting and honest choices, there’s no telling exactly what she’ll reveal next.

I'm actually really looking forward to Felicia's next project. Sadly, I only decided to check out The Guild after watching Dr.Horrible. That was my loss because I actually loved The Guild straight up. This next project seems interesting so I'll definitely be checking this out.
I think in some ways, FD is doing better at harnessing the internet because she got a head start with The Guild. Using the internet for a webseries wasn't a hard concept, nor was it actually that just have to find a group of people with the passion, dedication and talent for it (and the equipment helps too).

If we're comparing (hate that word here) Felicia's attempts with Amber's attempts, Amber's political vids are probably something one would watch either for Amber or for the political rhetoric. The Guild is less focused, and can be interpreted as appealing to a wider audience.

And it's "affects" not "effects" in the title and blurb. How it "affects The Guild"...effect is the result, affect is how something leads to the result.
It could also just be that FD is more au fait with the technology than AB, more used to thinking of it as "just a thing" rather than a "brand-new, big, scary, powerful thing". She's said elsewhere that she had "Prodigy friends" so she's been online a while and as is well known she's a big gamer herself.

I really like the idea, depending on the game used it's got amazing potential and you can play with the format a lot more than maybe some (traditional multi-camera) sitcoms would be comfortable with.

Also good to hear she's turned in an early draft of season 2 already.

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