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July 30 2008

Hush, Doug Jones stars in the next installment of "Fear Itself". This Thursday at 10pm on the NBC series episode "Skin & Bones" will air featuring Doug in a rare appearance without prosthetics.

Met Doug at Adventurecon in Knoxville, TN. He mentioned that he'd be doing Fear Itself and I haven't been able to find which episode... I know I can always count on whedonesque for the info!

Doug is incredibly awesome. Made me and my wife feel like old friends. We of course asked him to sign a few pictures from Hush. He said that Buffy fans are...*pause*..."ummm"..."outrageously loyal" and gave us both huge hugs. I felt a little freakish and loved all at the same time.
It's gotta be weird for Doug to be recognized "outside" of "Hush." Or for James Leary to be known as other-than-Clem.

I know the first time I saw Michael Dorn without his Worf make-up I was surprised - quite handsome.

Has anyone seen any of the other Gentlemen in anything else?
Camden Toy played the other lead gentleman and he has been to a lot of conventions and even a few with Doug.
Doug has been amazing in bringing to life some of my favorite make-up and prosthetic-covered characters/creatures in the last decade--the Gentlemen from "Hush", Abe Sapien in the Hellboy big screen films and animated direct-to-DVD films, The Faun in Pan's Labyrinth (also that freaky thing with the eyes in its hands), The Angel of Death in Hellboy 2 (that thing looked incredible with a voice to match)...I know I'm forgetting some things...I think he played an alien in Alien Resurrection as well.

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