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"That was watercooler vengeance!"
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July 30 2008

Joss Whedon, Cyberspace Hero. An article that asks us to remember when Hollywood was going to take over the Internet. (And yet didn't.) And here's a similar article on the Daily Herald (Chicago!) Can't think of anything witty for this link. Sorry. Just click it, please.

I find now on MySpace that I have all sorts of other groups that do webisodes, wanting to befriend me. Since they don't have the name recognition of Joss, I take a look and if I think they are any good, I accept.
I like the bit about how Joss "somehow infiltrated network TV with Buffy the Vampire Slayer a decade ago", because I dig the image of it being an infiltration.
He infiltrated. In plain sight.
Any time a really smart person gets a really smart show on TV, I do consider it infiltration.
Now THIS is what I call a review! Has enough snark, enough pop, but doesn't dawdle on the minor "needs to know" to bring in more viewers and high-five those who watched it already.

Found another similar story, so to save space I just added the link up top.
Wow, you did it, NYPinTA! Another good review! Thanks! :) Now this is what I'm talking about. /annoyinggutteralvoice
I'd like to take credit for it, korkster, but your thanks should go to Google. 'Google knows everything. Except how to love.'
Nope. Creds to you. I have Google, but we're not tight like that. I heard that Yahoo bought out the love before Google could get its sites on it. Figures.
Cool. I got cred! ;P
I like that second one a lot!
"when I watched them on full-screen mode the video had that staggering, stuttering quality that makes your eyeballs feel as if they're vibrating in their sockets."
I downloaded the iTunes and played it full screen on my large iMac, and it looks absolutely beautiful... as good as a DVD. But I'm glad it is still available on Hulu because a lot of my friends missed it before, and I hate to have anyone miss this.

One friend is getting totally hooked, after watching Doctor Horrible she immediately went on to watch The Guild!
Cool review.I'd never heard of
When it mentions strange girls supposedly confesing on their webcams,is that a reference to lonelygirl15?

Silly studios.Thinking they could control the internet.
I'm sure there's a very special hell for the use of the word 'Cyberspace'.
Agreed. How very Tron.
Tron? Tron?! Show more respect to William Gibson, the coiner of the term. ;)
Indeed, props to the Gib. It's not a term that really applies anyway IMO - yet. When the 'space' aspect is less metaphorical and more literal (as it is in his stories/books) then maybe people won't feel totally stupid using it (or maybe it'll still smack too much of the early days of mass net acceptance and so be deemed "too 20th century" - kind of ironic considering one of the "big ideas" of cyberpunk was future-shock ;).

But the idea of media on the net being tamed by "lunkheaded college students" makes me smile. Who'd have thought 'Jackass' could be responsible for (possibly) one of the most sweeping mass media changes in the last 50 years, maybe ever ? ;)
Oh yes, this is sweet indeed. ;-)

I like the bit about how Joss "somehow infiltrated network TV with Buffy the Vampire Slayer a decade ago", because I dig the image of it being an infiltration.
theonetruebix | July 31, 01:40 CET

The only thing that would have made that quote better is if he'd said "the incredibly subversive" BtVS. :)
I downloaded the iTunes and played it full screen on my large iMac, and it looks absolutely beautiful

Laptops are typically slower than towers because laptops run hotter. High quality is nice and all if you have the fast computer. But it's kinda like releasing a DVD only in Blu-Ray format when not everyone has Blu-Ray player. A big reason why YouTube is so successful is because the videos can play on most anyone's computer, and thus wider audience. Most people would take blurry over choppy.
Must admit, i've got a first gen Athlon, an early GeForce 4 card and only a gig of cheapo RAM and Dr H (streaming, still no international iTunes) played smooth as silk for me without any tweaking beyond what I probably did back when I first set the box up. I mean, there're older setups out there but that's pretty far from cutting edge i'd say.

(just got some new super-swanky-and-yet-obviously-already-obsolete bits in the post today in fact, yay ;)
Dr. Horrible played fine (in small screen) on my ooooold Pentium III, 533 Mhz computer with no exceptional video card to speak of and a small amount of RAM. So I'd say it worked just fine. But there are streaming video sites I can't watch out there, with my set-up, so I was glad DHSAB worked for me :).

Pretty soon I'll be getting a left-over lab computer from our astronomy department, featuring a 1Ghz processor. Welcome to... 2002? .... me ;)

[ edited by GVH on 2008-07-31 14:42 ]
I have projected the iTunes Dr. Horrible Acts onto the big screen several times in my video classes - the quality was perfectly wonderful.

The reason for the laggies is that Dr. H is encoded with a nifty new(ish) compression method that allows for the high quality and high resolution of both the web and iTunes versions while keeping the download size small, but requires a fast processor to decompress and play back in real-time. Older computers don't fare so well. But a recent bargain-basement laptop from any of the major vendors should do ok.
Yeah I found the H.264 encoding made for somewhat jerky playback at 1920x1200 fullscreen on my single-core bedroom media machine. Fortunately, as crazy random happenstance would have it, some magical gnomes came in the night and deposited DRM-free versions of all three acts on my computer. After re-encoding them as simple MPEG-2 (and stitching them into a single file), Dr H is now full of full-screen goodness. At least close enough till I can buy the DVDs.
I'm gonna deliberately misconstrue "bedroom media", just for shits and giggles. Hope that's OK ;).
This is awesome. I work at the Metro Pulse (first article) and no joke check whedonesque every hour or so. My two worlds have collided!
Oooo. Colliding worlds. Can I take credit for that too?

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