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July 30 2008

TV Talk and Sci Fi Wire interview Joss Whedon and Tahmoh Penikett (podcast). At Comic Con, Joss and Tahmoh discuss Dollhouse.

Tahmoh's interview runs from minute 5 to 12 (he also talks about Battlestar Galactica). The interview with Joss follows and runs until minute 19. The podcast auto-plays when you go to the site; you can also download it on this page (27.6mb, mp3 format), if you scroll down to July 29th at 6pm.

That is an interesting interview, it sounded like Fox didn't ask Joss to redo the first/pilot episode because they didn't want to 'rock his boat'. Which sounds to me like they are wanting to make sure they hold on to him this time! That thought actually makes me more sanguine about the show being given a very fair chance to succeed.
I especially enjoyed hearing Tahmoh discuss his take on Paul. The Sci Fi Wire interviewer asked some interesting questions, which produced some thoughtful answers. Learning more about Paul's motivations and what drives him will doubtless be an interesting aspect to the show.
Yay! Thanks. And is there also some other Sci Fi Wire interview you forgot to link to? Me want! :-)
Is podcasting some kind of sensory deprivation torture I'm really not aware of? I've been following a few podcasts here and there, BSG ones and some of the Pop Candy ones over at USA Today, but denying me the sight of Tahmoh Penikett, while still getting a wonderful voice...that's just wrong.
ProgGrrl, if you listen to the podcast, you'll hear both Shaun from TV Talk and a girl from Sci Fi Wire interview both Tahmoh and Joss on the recording. I'd assume a Sci Fi Wire article will be forthcoming, but I haven't seen one yet.
Here is another interesting little interview with the two of them. And Joss explains why Firefly was really cancelled.
Holy Jayne, Batman! Part of my daydream comes true! There were bumpings into at the CC with the Whedon world. I wonder if the Adam Baldwin thing in Joss' interview was before or after the Chuck panel. That would explain a bit of it. Someone asked AB the question if he would do something for Dollhouse now that JW is back on TV. AB mentioned something about "being followed" and "awkward", then shouted somthing like "Heck no, Joss! I'm on Chuck now!", followed by evil maniacal laughter. It was hilarious. :) I'm pretty sure Joss was in the audience, and may explain the reason for Firefly's demise. :)
Thanks guys! *g*

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