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July 31 2008

Mike Myers writing Austin Powers 4. Fourth film to focus Dr. Evil and Seth Green's Scott Evil.

I hope Ming Tea return...
He should just give it up and start writing for WWE.
Agree with you archon - AP is well past it's sell by date.
Can I just say that the first 5 minutes of Austin Powers 3 is one of the best opening scenes in the enitre history of movies. Saw it a cinema in Leicester Square and the audience just went wild. The rest of the movie was pretty rubbish though.
I still haven't seen the third one. Kinda feel sorry for Mike Myers, he seems to have run out of steam a bit ('The Love Guru' was almost universally panned on its release in the US from what I gather).
Really? I can't wait for a 4th Austin Powers. I just love it - it's good silly fun! Also glad that we'll get to see more of Scott Evil. I really enjoyed Seth's Scott Evil.
I adore Seth Green but I have no desire to see another AP movie. Mike just needs to stop already.
Actually, I think Myers needs to go back to the roots of Austin Powers. Lay off the bathroom humor that made the later movies so yawnable and instead focus on the situational humor which made the first movie so popular.
And let's add "STOP CASTING SINGERS" as another suggestion. Beyonce made the third movie absolutely unbearable.
I enjoyed all three Austin Powers movies (especially the first), but if The Love Guru is any indication of where Mike Myers is creatively...

Okay, I didn't actually see The Love Guru. But I never plan to.
It took me far, far longer than it should have to figure out why this was on the site. I loved the first Austin Powers and certain parts of the others, but they do seem to be losing a bit more of whatever made them magical with each new one. I do think having an actress who played mostly very serious in the first one grounded it a bit. I missed that in the others.

But who cares, really. It's all about the Evils at this point.
It's all about the Evils at this point.

A cameo by Dr. Horrible (e.g., as a rival) would be a fun way to inject some newness into an otherwise aging franchise. Could Seth's link to Joss make this possible?
I want Dr. Evil to be Dr. Horrible's voice coach for his evil laugh, and Dr. Horrible and Scott Evil are nemeses because Dr. Evil sees Dr. Horrible as being his one last hope to pass on a legacy, and Scott Evil still doesn't want to be like his father, despite finally knowing who his real mother is.

And yes, Frau Farbissina has to be in this one.
Dr Horrible as Dr Evil's 'Q', coming up with various (evil) gadgets could be cool.
This brings up the issue of character licensing.

When Joss created Dr. Horrible (and Captain Hammer) it was a fun "one off" excercise. But if the characters have longer term value then there would need to be some structure / organization around licensing the rights to those characters on shirts, etc. I wonder if any arrangements are underway to put this type of business arrangement in place...?
I wonder about that too, SteveP. Maybe someone kind will find out.
Hollywood is getting really tiresome with all these sequels and remakes. Has everyone down there run out of ideas or what?
Actually, Sly, they try to keep this from hitting the mainstream news media and such things, but they never had any to begin with.
I like AP1&2 but I cringe when in part 3 the "Dutch" language gets misused, as a Dutchmen it sounds horrible and German!
But, AP4 would get a go from me, as long as it's in style of AP1. Or when Dr. Horrible gets to be in it, that would be a hoot :o And now I'm dreaming on, when Joss gets to be involved with the writing, well to quote Oz: "We should figure out what kinda deal this is. I mean, is it a-a gathering, a shindig or a hootenanny?

Though I'd love to see Seth again in anything (I've only seen AP #1&2) I wish Mike would create another character as good and frequently funny, but less scatalogical; potty humor gets old, especially when you grew up on Mel Brooks films, like myself. I will go see Love Guru when someone pays me a million bucks. It is very hard to fathom what happened so I guess I'll have to blame his close friend, Deepak Chopra. :>)

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Sounds like a logical retreat, a return to safer ground.

I didn't much care for the third one, though, so I'll be very leery of being suckered into a fourth outing.

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