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July 31 2008

(SPOILER) Comics Continuum has IDW 'After the Fall' solicitations for October. The 'lucky' 13th issue of the Angel and the final issue of the Spike arrive this month.

Sounds good. There's gotta be more to the Angel/Gunn thing.
I absolutely adore that Angel cover.
Something I just realized... I haven't received my Spikes yet. WTF? I already paid, so where's 1 & 2? *stamps foot*

Riker, there's always more to the Angel/Gunn thing. ;)
Spike #2 isn't out's out in August.
Solicits sound very good. Can't wait for both comics. However, they do have it wrong... Nick Runge isn't doing the art for #13, only the cover. As of #12, Stephen Mooney will be taking over duty as series artist.
Thanks, UnpluggedCrazy. So I'm only missing #1. *stamps toe*
Wow... That picture of Wes is AWESOME.

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