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July 31 2008

Sex education website uses Xander & Anya to illustrate the importance of communication. Halfway down the page in the column of example fictional couples on the right-hand side.

This intelligent site is always well worth a read in my opinion.

From what I've read on that site, they seem to have a very quirky sense of humour there. Still, "revamping their relationship" is an awful pun.
The site author Heather Corinna also has a really great sex-ed book, called S.E.X: the all-you-need-to-know progresive sexuality guide to get you through high school and college. She thanks Joss in the intro: "To Joss Whedon, for providing me (and everyone else) many, many hours of the sort of productive, inspiring downtime a young-adult-sexuality author requires to sustain her sanity".
Heather has always considered herself an "Anya."
Having been married to a Homer/Miss Piggy cross, with soem Xander in her, a tiny bit, I can testify to t his.
Nice article- I like the mention of both Buffy and LOTR.
Me and my little sister are off to a wedding later today and we just watched 'Hells Bells' this morning.
Not only very funny, but spot-on about why Xander and Anya's relationship self-destructed so spectacularly. If only they'd communicated about their fears (Xander especially), instead of just coyly singing about them and then pretending they hadn't heard anything.

Of course, in that case Anya would not have gone back to being a Vengeance Demon and wouldn't have had the powers to save Andrew and Jonathon from Veiny Willow, who would then would have been guilty of killing (more or less) innocent bystanders as well as the real murderer, which might have propelled her so far into darkness that she wasn't responsive to Xander's friendship at the end of Season 6 that she went ahead and destroyed the world.

See, you try to save one relationship and end by destroying the world. Some days it's just not worth the effort.
barboo; But maybe without the negative vibes produced by Xander 's jilting of Anya the over-all karma of the situation would have been positive enough that Tara wouldn't have been killed anyway and, and, yeah, you're right, sometimes it doesn't work no matter how you think about it.....
So why wasn't it Xander and Faith?

"Safety words are for wusses."

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