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July 31 2008

Epic FU Interviews Doctors Horrible. Jed, Zack, & Maurissa reflect on the creation of Dr. Horrible.

More information on Evil League of Evil submission; a good evil character "strikes fear into the hearts of men, women, and children." -Jed Whedon

ETA: Please let it be known that theonetruebix did a much better job at posting this, so I stole (sort of) his link and tags. Quicker is not always better. It's my first post, people! Give me time!

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Beat me by two minutes!

But I have the actual permalink and cool tags.
Which are, b!X? Give us the tags! And did the full show end in mid word for y'all?

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Yes! First post! Only to be threatened to be removed because bix is cooler than I am! Dag nab it!

I was so worried that my laptop was going to melt posting this. Didn't think to have a catchy headline. :(

Maybe the mods will keep mine and just "bixify" it or I'll lose out again. :( Thanks Felicia Day for the head's up! I tried.
It worked fine for me though I had to stop a few times to let it buffer. I hadn't realised it was Zach and Marissa it that vid,it seems like it was very long time ago.
I hate the "FU of the Week" title of this feature, because I always get confused with Feministing's Friday Feminist F*** You feature.

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Yours won't be deleted, korkster. It was first, and it's where the discussion is. Plus, I had gone back and put "Delete me!" in mine. ;)
I was going to go with "Epic FU Interviews Horrible Writers", but thought this was the safer approach. Don't want to be misunderstood on that front. :) Better everyone?

Lioness, it didn't end mid-word for me (before I changed it). I went ahead with bix's link because he seems to be better at this than I. I think the last line is the "so, that's coming along", which is how it ends on DHSAB after his laughter. Let me know if you have more problems.
The stream stopped for me mid-way as well, but only (as it turned out) because the playing had caught up to the buffering. I paused it, waited, and then started it up again.
Apparently they're not aware that the mushortio is up for viewing again.
But where, oh where, is the oft-promised extended cut?
Extended cut of Dr. Horrible? Or the interview? This is the extended cut of the interview.

You can tell this was taken in the midst of Comic-Con. Zack still has on his lanyard. :) And green hat. And I think are all wearing the same clothes from Saturday. :) Maybe they interviewed on Saturday... Which would explain how they're not aware that the mushortio is up again on HULU. That happened after CC.
The 3-minute interview I watched ends with a promise of an extended cut of itself. But find it I do not. Maybe it'll show later.
korkster, I'm referring to the text underneath the video:

If you go to the site, you'll notice that the videos are no longer available. They were up for a week, gained buzz to the point of bringing down servers, and were then pulled. What a tease. ;) So, if you didn't get to see it, all you're left with are people smoking after-sex cigarrettes and the feeling you missed out on something really damn good. You would be right. Fortunately, there are still places online where you can catch the episodes.

Pointy, I agree, we are promised an extended version of the interview, which is not, I hope, just the whole "episode" filled with other, less interesting things.
Hacksaway - I believe that this must all have been put together before it went up on Hulu again.

Holy crap. I just got this. Just. Now.
But it was posted today...they can change the text any time they want so people don't get confused and think "Oh well, guess I can't watch." But I see that's been taken care of in the comments now.
Pointy & Lioness, Felicia Day (who I stole the story from) linked 2 places on her Twitter. One clip has a whole bunch of other crap, and then 2 minutes of our Dr. H team. The other clip (our link) is 3 minutes long, with the intro and ending the same. I would assume they took out a minute of the video you're seeing. I could very well be wrong, though.

NYPinTA, what did you just get? Mushortio... musical, short something, forgot the "tio" part. Refresh my memory?
MUsical SHORT Internet Opera??
That fits better so we'll go with that (I think it was originally musical short video but misspelled).
Ah, thanks Korkster, I hadn't noticed the difference, myself.
Thank you, Korkster! I particularly enjoyed their recalling the moment when they realized they would not be doing the whole thing in their backyard :-)
Thanks redfern! I know it was either Jed or Zack that coined the phrase, but I couldn't remember what it all stood for. Thanks for clearing that up. :)

Pointy, we should probably thank Felicia Day for Twittering the interview link, giving me time to beat bix by 2 minutes (no, it doesn't get old). :)

That was pretty sweet, though (need more adjectives). I liked how Joss said he was going to get NPH and the team didn't quite believe him... until it happened. :D
I'm going to use mushortio as a character name in the very next RPG I play.

That's all.

congrats on that first post there, korkster
Oh my God. Will it sing, GVH?

*courtesy of Anya*

I always felt that was one of the funniest lines in OMWF. I'm easy to please ;).

And yes, I'll be sure to include 'singing' as a proficiency. Do they still have profiencies in anything later than 2nd edition AD&D, btw?
Don't know what AD&D is. Barely can grasp RPG. :) I have a lot to learn.
I didn't play 2nd edition, GVH - I went directly from 1st to 3.5th. 3.5 has "skills," but no proficiencies. (AD&D = "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," korkster).
There were two girls and two guys discussing D&D 4th on the bus yesterday. Or, really, the two girls were discussing it, very intently and intensely.

ETA that SNT forgot to close a bold tag, so I did it at the start of my comment. ;)

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-08-02 07:41 ]
Well cheers b!X. All I can say is quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus . . .
Stop being smarter than me!
Were you playing first edition (I'm assuming 1st edition AD&D?) in all the interveining years, or was there a pause, SNT? :)

Really do need to check out 4th some time. But I still play 2nd with my friends, so it has seemed kinda pointless thus far ;).

korkster, roleplaying is fun. Gather a group of friends, pretend to be someone else for an afternoon or evening and eat massive amounts of unhealthy snack foods while doing it. You know you want to :).
GVH, isn't that what Whedonesque is for? Oh, then uh... well, I am korkster! Hear my squee! Squee squah ha ha


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