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July 31 2008

(SPOILER) Bones Comic Con Panel in 7 parts. Pretty much the entire Bones Comic Con panel.

The quality could be better in places, but this is the only video of the panel I've found. This is a post on a livejournal Bones community, but I've gotten permission from the mods to share the link. I turned on the spoiler tag because of mild season 4 spoilers.

I'm glad it's somewhere. I wanted to see it but I saw the very long line in Ballroom 20. I also wanted to be sure I was at 6B for MST and Dr. Horrible.
It was good. DB was hilarious. I wish the "squints" got a chance to say more, though.
I had no idea DB was this funny =) It was great seeing him LIVE. Man, I love this show! Can't wait for the season premiere.
Still miss Mr. Addy, though. :(

You should check out DB's late night interviews on You Tube. He's always a riot!

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Still miss Mr. Addy, though. :(

Uh huh, I'm one of the disgruntled about Zack viewers that the show creator referred to with maybe some fear in his eyes. And judging by the the clip, they've replaced him with a character that's just annoying, not amusing at all. I like the show, but it's swimming upstream right now
She's supposed to be annoying, dreamlogic. And I don't think she's permanent.

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