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July 31 2008

Dr Horrible's Early Years, Episode 2. The saga of a young (and adorable!)Billy continues as he tells us of his progress against Captain Hammer and vegetable terror.

Vegetable terrorism.

I love this kid!
I hope that this kid didn't learn that song the same way that NPH did - which was one of the funniest parts of the entire panel.
Sound was a little difficult. Maybe not record in the kitchen next time!
I like the video, but I just don't get why he keeps singing the intro of "Brand New Day". I always get lost on that part. The part with the peas is full of chuckles, though. And Episode 1's Taj Mahal. I like those parts the best.

NPH said it took him 6 hours to learn that song. I wonder how long it took the kid?
I dunno if this is how he learned the lyrics, but the Dr. Horrible video on has closed-captioning now. Which would save him at least part of the 6 hours and much swearing that it took NPH. :)
On a side note, I see from the YouTube Statistics & Data tab that someone has setup the website for fan vids

Looks like most of the posts are coming from one user.

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