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August 01 2008

Cult television phobias: fear of priests. Digital Spy has a look at Caleb from Buffy Season 7. Appropiately enough, what he did to Xander in 'Dirty Girls' made College Humor's "The 10 Grossest Hollywood Thumbs-Into-Eyes" list. (Probably not suitable for those who don't like icky stuff).

Never had a problem with Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan. Oh, earthly priests? Yeah. Creepy. All of 'em.
Priests defy social convention in many ways. They abstain from things that society readily accepts, such as alcohol and sex. Not only this, they do it because of religious conviction, something that happens with many other denominations of faith such as the Baptists and the Protestants, but with Catholicism, there's also a uniform, which makes it a much more outward display of choice. I abstain from alcohol, but I wear "normal" clothes just like anyone else. But priests, they are a physical manifestation of things that many people hold to be normal.
That was probably the grossest video I've ever seen. I will repeat the warning: not for the squeamish.
Whoever made that eye gouging list has apparently not seen the 3rd season of Deadwood...though that might not have been thumb as other finger(can't really remember) and not so much gouged as actually popped out and dangling....

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kaiuno, Zhaan rocked.

Caleb was creepy. But I'm pretty sure any large scale phobia people had of priests was in place long before he poked out anyone's eye.
Not Buffy and Gnarl? That was pretty darn gross.
I want to see Roy Batty and Caleb in a dirty Deathmatch. I'm much more afraid of Batty, though.

I was trying to remember just now if Everett McGill's character in Silver Bullet was a Reverend or a Priest, but damn he was one scary werewolf. No eye gouging but just the same, eeeeevil.
Priests don't drink alcohol? Is this an American thing?

I was glad to see the eye-poking from 'The Descent' on the list. I think it's the grossest one I've ever seen, or at least the longest.

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aeval; Nope, Roman Catholic and Orthodox priests in this country are known to drink as are ministers from most PRotestant chruches, particularly the liturgical and Calvinist types. Many reviivalistic churches don't allow it, however, but that's true the world over.

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