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August 01 2008

Neil Patrick Harris on Fresh Air today. It's not up on the website yet, but there was a promo last night on NPR that Neil Patrick Harris will be on Fresh Air today.

I know it's probably a bit premature to post this, but I wanted to give people a heads up because it looks like the website doesn't update until after at least some markets have already played Fresh Air.
I would've missed it if you hadn't, so thanks. I'd love to hear Terry interview Joss, also.
What a funny coincidence -- I was listening to her Seth Rogen interview yesterday and thinking to myself, "I wish she'd interview Joss about Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse." So next best thing, really.
*nodnods* And I bet she totally loved it, too. Also, I somehow get the feeling Terry would get on amazingly well with Jane Espenson.
What a funny coincidence

No, no, no, its "What a crazy, random happenstance."

*hangs self by toenails*
Yay, they just played the first few seconds of Act I!

And now "Freeze Ray!"

Aw, poop. Are they just going to replay Terry's 2005 interview with NPH?

[ edited by karosurly on 2008-08-01 17:10 ]
I wondered about that karosurly. Lots of the time the Friday shows are replays of old interviews.
Oh well. It was still a nice interview, and Dr. Horrible did get a few plugs.
They didn't use a promo recorded by Terry Gross this morning (it airs here in a couple of hours) so instead I got to hear one of my local public radio guys describe Dr Horrible as an "Internet sensation". :-)
It's up now, by the way.
Just the re-play of 2005, right? Cuz that's all I heard.
There is a new intro that talks about Dr Horrible and they play some for the songs, so worth a listen (at least the new intro) even if you heard the 2005 interview.
Oh this is an excellent interview, thank you for the link! I love hearing NPH talk about Sondheim and the way he crafts his songs to work for the character, and the story. I have really become a huge NPH fan!
I hadn't heard that interview before. My admiration for NPH knows no bounds! I ended up going and watching Sweeney Todd with him playing Toby. Such a fantastic show. I do hope Dr. Horrible inspires a few people to become musical theater fans - there's such amazing music out there.

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