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August 01 2008

Fake Flak from Fake Thomas Jefferson. MTV gets corrected on reporting "pointlessness" of Fake Thomas Jefferson. And I think he's dreamy.

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So dreamy. I may have sped up the picket line a few, um, hundred times just to walk closer to Drew. Except when I was distracted by BKV. It was so much easier when they were walking together.

More FTJ please!
That is one of the best articles I've ever seen on MTV... Drew is my hero!
Could Fake Thomas Jefferson defeat the fake Benjamin Franklin from “The Office”?

Woo hoo! I think this is the 2nd time that I got (partially and uncredited) quoted from something posted in Whedonesque.

And Drew does make an excellent FTJ. Although I wonder if he shouldn't have looked totally unlike Thomas Jefferson (which would make his imposterism even more evil).

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"...No one who is in the Evil League of Evil shouldn’t be in there..."

Anyone else have to read this several times to understand it? I'm still not sure I understand it now...
Nah, that's got just the right amount of negatives ;). They all deserve to be there.

Hee, very cool, well done MTV writer type person.

And forget Fake Benjamin Franklin, Fake Thomas Jefferson could totally defeat the entire USA simply by revealing that he drafted the Declaration of Independence and then signed it as 'M. Mouse esq.' thus rendering the entire foundation of America null and void. You guys would be totally lost, you'd probably forget the Alamo and all sorts. In your face apple pie ! (I know Mom's face would make more sense but I just couldn't do it. I mean, she's Mom FFS).
LMAO.. that was the best interview ever..

Dr. Horrible is going to follow in the steps of Star Trek, Stargate, & Law and Order.. can we say Spin Off(s).... lol
That is one of the best articles I've ever seen on MTV...

It's one of the best articles I've seen all year anywhere. Or maybe I'm just hungry. Wait, I have lunch right here.
Oh my god, I love him so much <3
I was hungry, but now I'm all Chris-Farleyed from the other thread and now notso.

Saje dissed our Founding, but I don't need to lift a finger - because Fake Thomas Jefferson will get him for that. Could it be? Possible openings for other 'verse writers to join in? Just think? Puppet man Fury, Witchy girl Marti, Too cool Deknight, gosh the thoughts are endless. Must be a dream, someone please pinch me.

See what you've started, Joss? Good forward thinking there!
I'm started suspect that Drew Goddard is Fake Thomas Jefferson's secret identity.

... because Fake Thomas Jefferson will get him for that.

Pfft. FTJ is totally on my side, he's still bitter because they wouldn't let him do his "into the wind" mime at the after signing party. ELoEers don't just take stuff like that lying down.
Fury could be the Mean Mr. Mustard and Marti Noxon has to be No Underwear By the Fire Hydrant Woman. Steve DeKnight can be Viva Smallville.
I'm not fake! But I would like to see Fake Thomas Jefferson square off against Ben Franklin from the Office, that'd be something.
Too cool Deknight

Ouh, he could so feature in the comic Deknight Returns. *bun-dun tsjjj*
Or he could wield a flamethrower and be the Heat of DeKnight.
LMAO. What if FTJ was the real one who signed the DoI? Then that would prove that America is an Evil Empire, who defeated the Good-Yet-Wimpy-British. :)

I like being evil.
Or maybe he could star in DeKnight of the living dead.

really, these things write themselves ;)
I'd tend to think it would be DeKnight Mare.
Alright, do we need to put a moratorium on DeKnight puns?
Sure, especially since I won. ;)
Aw, no fair! ;) Come over to the dark side, zeitgeist, you know you want to :p

[ edited by GVH on 2008-08-02 01:14 ]
Drew is a tall, gorgeous drink of water. FTJ is totally swoonworthy.
I have to say that Fake Thomas Jefferson was my favorite. There's so many questions about the character to be answered.
b!X - its funny you say that 'cause my post originally said "because no one's going to beat b!X anyway*" and then I totally self-edited.

*sometimes we all want to, but I mean in the sense of coming up with a better pun ;).
sometimes we all want to

It's a fair cop.
:) See? With you I knew I didn't have to put 48 smileys after to signal the fact that I was joking. Its the little things, sometimes...
I'm disappointed. Why doesn't FTJ embrace his evil pointlessness? Maybe it's a little subtle for the teething MTV crowd, but when Fake kills you, your last thought is "WTF?" That's quality evil, if maybe not flashy enough for the kids.
Drew, Drew, Drew ... delightful you are. When I saw the ELE in Dr. H for the first time, it was a perfect little moment in time and no one else should play FTJ but you.

I think it's actually funnier that Drew is tall, imposing and aristocratic looking than NOT looking like Jefferson. Because then it's a more direct steal from the real (dead) Jefferson.
I'm all in favor of forgetting the Alamo. It is definitely a waste of space in the national brain pan. But it's like trying not to think about a hippopotamus. If anyone can erase all vestiges, it's Fake TJ. It would be a mind-wipe worthy of the truly pointless.
Wouldn't FTJ's true foe be the fake Counterfeit Alexander Hamilton who proposed a more national system to FTJ's more agrarian federalist republic? Or was Counterfeit Alexander Hamilton struck down by the Forged Aaron Burr?
magnus carnage, you took the words right out of my fingertips.
I am now so totally confused. Is that his power? Baffling confusion by just exsisting?
Yeah, at least somebody gets it, NYPinTA.

Forged Aaron Burr was so lame.
Wait, Ben and Glory are somehow associated with Fake Thomas Jefferson?!?!?
CAH was struck down by FAB, which ultimately was the demise of the PFP (Pretend Federalist Party).
I'm all in favor of forgetting the Alamo.

Never! That was the place where a bird pooped on my grandfather's head, and I got to hear him cuss for the first time!

Plus, it's kind of cool that we celebrate a failure. :'/

And I'm Texan. :p
Okay, I totally get it! (Not the Texan thing, yuck. ;)

So FTJ was the mastermind behind the Louisiana Purchase, which is firmly rooted in evil in the form of totally screwing untold numbers of indigenous persons, not to mention the formation of such states as Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii. No wonder our country's so FUBBed.

Also, FTJ re-enacted Adam's Alien and Sedition Act. Wait...too much history, too late at night? I agree.

korkster: Plus, it's kind of cool that we celebrate a failure. :'/
I think that our [insert adjective] country has made a grand tradition of it. One of the most recent examples being Hannah Montana.
And Houston ordered them to retreat.

Didn't know you were another Texan, Korkster.

No, BandofBuggered, Real Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase, and how does that figure with Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii. I'm up for some late night history.
BoB, LMAO! Hannah Montana- right there with you on that one.

dreamlogic, ever hear of Iowa Park? Wichita Falls? Red River? Well, that was me. Can't stay up late, though. The FTJ would have bought Estonia, IMO. And Kenya. Can never forget Kenya.
Nah, Estonia and Kenya have both been pains in the ass for every empire that's had them, FTJ would be smarter than that.
So is Jefferson (the real one) on a U.S. bill of a large denomination? Could FTJ be into counterfeiting in a big way, thereby undermining the entire economy? Or is that just too practical?
Thomas Jefferson is on the $2 bill. It all makes sense now . . .
theonetruebix: I'd tend to think it would be DeKnight Mare.

Only if there is a sequel called
"Fake Thomas Jefferson: De Dark DeKnight"
No no, I've won already, we can stop. ;)
But we could keep this up for hours longer; DeKnight is young.
DeKnight Mare: The fall of Bad Horse.
DeKnight is not a river in Egypt ... oh wait, that's DeNial.
Whedon need this (too much?).
Only slightly, Simon.

(also, lol).
Simon, very Wheldon. (Just joshing.)
Oh my Joss! Can't believe you Kraft-y guys Drew that stuff from nowhere. I Solomon-ly swear to God-dard that you guys rock!
Umm... is this a ploy of the Mutant Enemy Staff? Read the comments... Miss Fortune wants a chair at the ELoE Table.
Retiring for DeKnight, see you guys Tahmoh-row.
It's too bad Steve wasn't involved in the scoring.

You know, since I always enjoy dancing to the rhythm of DeKnight.
Oh this is agony. But the very best kind.

And missb I can't believe you just said that. I've had that catchy-from-hell Debarge song in my head for a few days now. How random!

And there's a DeKnight-Debarge pun in there somewhere, but I'm in too much pain from the rest of this thread to think of it... ;)

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