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August 01 2008

EW's 12 Great Pop-Culture Vampires. Our boy Angel makes this list. Unfortunately, there's no Spike to be found.

Well it's a good thing we all know this stuff is based on name recognition (as in Angel having his own show called .... are you ready? ....."Angel"). Which is surely the only way to explain the exclusion of Spike.

And why don't the awesome female vampires in the Whedonverse ever get any recognition (Darla and Dru)?
Seriously, a couple of those vamp inclusions are ridiculous in light of our peroxide loving favorite's exclusion from the list. Certainly, they could have at least listed Spike and Angel as a duo.
I hate how these things tend to just rehash Angel's relationship with Buffy, and completely ignore the 100 plus episodes where he was a complex, fully developed character in his own right.

Happy as I am to see some 'Lost Boys' love, Spike should be here, so should Wesley Snipes, and at a pinch, even Leslie Nielsen!

However, I am more worried about Bela Lugosi's Dracula being omitted, which makes the list all a bit of a joke, really.
Catherine Deneuve made that list and Julie Benz didn't? That's so wrong. And where's Frank Langella or George Hamilton or Christopher Lee? Where's the vamp from Fright Night or his sister from the sequal? Also, I very much preferred Stuart Townsend's Lestat to Tom Cruise's and why wasn't Brad Pitt or the girl who played Claudia on that list? Now, she was really creepy.

That's it. I'm convinced that Whedonesque needs its own list of vampires/vampire movies because all these other lists suck and not in a good vampy way either.
I always wonder when staff at this or any other online magazine sit down to make their pop-culture lists, how they go about choosing their selections: "Right, we'll throw in Boreanaz again as Angel because he's like the vampire mainstay of all our lists, Marsters is overchosen as Spike so he's out, throw in some Twilight because it's new and different, we'll ignore all the other female vampires on Buffy, not enough readers remember them, they haven't gone on to big careers, not well known, and who cares, well we certainly don't, use Selene from Underworld even though the movie was years ago but she's wearing tight leather so we need her in, and even out the list with Barnabas Collins, a blast from the past for the OLD FOLKS..." etc. etc. ad nauseum. At least that's how it goes in my head.

I was shocked to see that Twilight is getting a feature film. No idea that was happening. I'm clamping my jaw shut now regarding two shows that ought to have been up on the big screen.
Oh the old "whose better" fight - seriously guys, it's just a list.

The point with cavemen or astronauts is there's no real 'better'.
there's no real 'better'.

Just whose hotter.
Well, Angel said that Langella's portrayal is the only one he believed in and really, a vampire's opinion should count for something when you're making up a list.
You know, maybe Spike isn't included because he's just a derivative of Angel.
Tonya J : I hear ya.

Julie seems to be settling into "dependable character actress" territory. Juliet, well, it's known how well "The Biz" doesn't treat women ehr age plus she seems a bit to independent and real to keep producers and casting directors happy. And Mercedes is smart enough to know she's not likely to get anything except "that kind" of role and she's doing her best to work within it.

In other words, none of them makes headlines. So the people who make lists don't remember them. I mean, look at lists of Bond girls. Lois Chiles, who as an actress makes a good clothesline pole, is always on them.
Thanks, DaddyCatALSO. Just to clarify because I like clarifying my thoughts as much as clarifying my pores, that wasn't a diss on the organizations that do these lists. They have a right to publish whatever they wish and I think they're fairly silly, but for me they don't seem to have any rhyme or reason and they keep showing up here with regularity. Most of the time I keep my trap shut, but I thought it would be fun to surmise.
Deneuve really does need to be on anyone's list of vampiric awesomeness, glad she made it. Also agree with some posters views on Frid, Langella, Hamilton, Snipes - and yeah - where. the hell. is Spike!?

I know it's just a list, but don't we enjoy getting all het-up about our lists? ;)

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