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August 03 2008 gives a nod to what Wonder Woman might have been. The article discusses the lack of strategy for releasing movies based on DC Comics characters. Scroll down the page a little, and the article points out the need for a Wonder Woman to complete the trinity of Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman on the big screen. There's some Joss-love handed out in the debate of who would be the best script writer for Wonder Woman.

While we'd love to see Joss Whedon's plans for a WW movie - the Buffy creator spent more than a year working on a script until it was ultimately rejected by producers - we'd be happy with ANY forward motion on a Wonder Woman movie at this point.

Didn't the studio already buy a completed script from another writer?

staring Megan Fox, an actress whom many lonely, lonely men would love to see in the star-spangled bustier. (We'd wait until after we see Jennifer's Body to make our final call on that particular piece of dream casting.)

Megan Fox? From Transformers? That's their "dream casting? Feh. It would seem that the lack of imagination that plagues Hollywood producers also extends to members of the Hollywood press.
OT,I just saw The Dark Knight a second time today and just realized that Keith Szarabajka who played Holtz on Angel is one of Gordon's cops in the film.He has a pretty intense scene with Heath Ledger's Joker.
Oh my God, buffyfantic, is he the cop in the interrogation room?
I was wondering if anyone else noticed Holtz in TDK. I was disappointed that he wasn't credited as Bullock from the comics.

*The Dark Knights Spoilers*
On that note, was I the only one who noticed Mr. Trick as a cop who gets shot by the Joker in the hospital? It was like Whedon-palooza!
Oh my God, buffyfantic, is he the cop in the interrogation room?
UnpluggedCrazy | August 04, 00:37 CET

Yep,he's the cop in the interrogation room after Batman and Gordon go to rescue Harvey and Rachel.The one The Joker taunts about killing his friends with a knife and then takes hostage,demanding his "phone call" after Szarabajka's character goes to give him a beating.

I didn't even recognize Szarabajka the first time I saw the film.This time though,I picked up on it.

But I missed K. Todd Freeman until you just pointed it out,Arsenal.
I said, "Holtz!" possibly a little too loudly as soon as I saw him, but I certainly missed Mr. Trick!
Yeah, I figured out it was Holtz when he went to see Gordon's family. It was exciting. Didn't notice Trick, though, and I think that's awesome.

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