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August 03 2008

Dr. Horrible: Pony Edition. I bet the Thoroughbred of Sin would enjoy these.

That might be the greatest fan tribute of all time.
My four year old daughter's immediate reaction to the pics? "Can we get one? Please????"
That is pretty awesome. Where's the Penny pony??
WHEDONesque killed the ponies!
I have no words. I don't know whether to be frightened or pleased.
I am impressed with how the Captain Hammer pony has the right head up in the air attitude.

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I lean towards frightened, while also amused.
Wow. There go my manliness. I want one!!! :)
Oh, it was broken when I tried to look before.
Awww... who's a cute widdle pony? What's that? You wanna dominate the world? Ok, just this one time.
Well, that's a unique use for My Little Pony.

Love the hair.

Ok, now I wanna see a whole 'verse herd. Can you imagine Inara? Or Jayne with his "swingin' cod"? River'd have to have kick-arse ('scuse the pun) boots. Spike would need his motorcycle boots & leather duster....OOH! Tweedy Giles! Crayon-breaky Willow and Dark Witch Will! Speedo Xander? Lorne the Host...

Shadow eyes her box of Breyer "bodies" I have too many projects as it is.
Anyone want to take bets on how soon it is before we see Dr. Horrible done with Barbies?
Wait, we killed ponies? I didn't see that in the program.

Ah, typical media play. Good thing we're above that nonsense.
This is how you know you're a little too... focused ;) I went 'awww!' and then... 'the hammer in Captain Hammer's logo is backward!' Really adorable, though.
You don't supposed Bad Horse has the super-power or magical ability to turn people into ponies.
Wow, those are really well done! I'm impressed at the craftsmanship and creativity. And they do play their roles so well.

Mirror Universe. If people are ponies. Bad Horse must be Bad Man. And surprise, he is a man!
I don't know if Bad Horse has the power to turn people into ponies but I bet he has an enhanced ability to behoove the masses.
TamaraC said
I don't know whether to be frightened or pleased.

I know! That gallery itself is made of awesomeness. The whole website makes me feel uncomfortable.
Hah. That's hilarious. They are so cute!

Perfection is a pony named Hammer.
That is right on the sweet spot between awesome and "Look at the nice jacket, it has funny sleeves so you don't hurt yourself".

Well it's circling the sweet spot at least. Or it saw it one time anyway ;).
Hmm, bad horse wouldn't trot well in a world of shrimp.
Those are perfect! I love them to death! We need mass production! I want Demon Anya to ride Captain Hammer. Not in a dirty way. Maybe.
I kinda love her fifties vampire doll.

Too bad it was sold on ebay already!!
That Hammer pony on the van was amazing. Its hair was /totally/ blowing in the breeze!
...or he'll make you his mare...

I think that must be what happened here.
napua, you beat me to it, I came into this thread just to make that comment. :)
I like the ponies. Everything else scares me. Definitely the Barbies are the most frightening.

Ponies are cute, though.
This is quite possibly the strangest thing I've seen in our fandom. Which is saying something.
I adore the SG1 ponies... I want one so.
"This is quite possibly the strangest thing I've seen in our fandom. Which is saying something."

Just be glad you're not part of the (literal) eroticization of Transformers, and you'll feel better.

I, for one, welcome our new pony overlords.
Quite adorable. And I second the welcoming of our new pony overlords, Arsenal. =)
So, so very cute. Now I want to take out all my old My Little Ponies and see what I can do with them!
You know, this morning I was making fun of these doll figurines dressed up like MnM's but now I suddenly want some customized My Pretty Ponies.... did you see the Wizard of Oz set?? I'm so torn between "WTF?" and "Hilarious!"
Cute. What's next, Claymation Dr. H?
Claymation is EVIL. Definitely more so than Bad Horse or FTJ combined. Thanks for bringing up those nightmares, Tonya J. :(
Oooooh, they need a Claymation character then, for the ELOE!
Don't agree about Claymation, Claymation is awesome, but want to apologize to korkster and Saje about breaking off our last discussion suddenly. I actually should have known that I might go into a semi-coma, because that happened almost as bad the last time I had one of these pneumonias. The fever broke and I got all cocky and thought I would be well. And then the next day I could hardly open my eyes, and the next. I've managed to stay awake today, so obviously getting better. Not quite ready for the full arguement about dialectic, but I've got a lot of good stuff on it. Anytime I sound snotty again, hit me! ;)
I can just imagine the next Superhero Tourney-

"My Little Pony- Captain Hammer"


"Serenity Spirit Animal- Mal Fox"
dreamlogic, no problem? Hope you feel better. When I can physically impact another in this visual world, I'll definitely take you up on that "hit". ;)

And, for the record, Claymation is EVIL. The green Gumby guy? *shivers*

I saw a student claymation a year ago with balls and how they'd roll around, flatten, combine and separate. Couldn't sit still. Just too freaky. Claymation + Grudge-zombie-thing-walk = death to korkster.
I must be living the wrong kind of life - I don't happen to have little teeny Mad Scientist sets and wittle props just lying around my house to use when I make Horsey Dioramas, but now I know I should have, and that's an important first step.

Claymation is also wunnerful - I love it. I wish a client would come in and ask us for an entirely claymation website. I dunno how that would work, but I'm so up for it.
in case anyone does what i did today and ended up at a dead page from the link above..... here ya go

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