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August 03 2008

Young Dr. Horrible Part 3! Young Dr. Horrible is back with part 3!

I can't help posting this, it is just too cute.

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But there's no link! :(
I'm sorry. I guess I just don't like kids.

ETA: Not that they're not, you know, squishy. It's just he can't compare to NPH. And the "kid voice" gets to me. :'\ Sorry, harsh-ish I know. I applaud his effort, but can't join in on the love. I like my coal.

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[giggling madly]

Love it.
You say Hammer, I say tool.

Very clever.
I bet you like to kick puppies too, korkster. Fluffy little puppies, with big sad eyes.
LOLz @ Evil-Curricular activities.
The dog looks stoned, BrewBunny. And they pee on floors.

Hey, I like puppies, but not kiddies. And for some reason, my weird non-child-love brain thinks this is relevant.

In terms in squishing the love, so to speak.

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Well rip out my heart and stomp that sucker flat. ;)
I actually tried watching the first one and couldn't. Sorry.

I love puppies.
Awww, it's so cute! >_< Loved the third one!
Korkster, thanks for the Jed & Maurissa apartment 4b links; I hadn't seen those before...funny!
I'm with korkster. I like puppies and kittens. Children? Not so much. I can never understand what the hell he is saying. I think these are interesting (kind of) but not all that noteworthy.
I hate to say it but the novelty of it getting linked here is wearing off. Perhaps in future we discuss it over at our .org site.
You don't like children, TamaraC? korkster?

In general, or having to do with this bit? Just curious.
On the upside, this threat introduced me to Mo and JT's videos, which are amazingly coolnessity.
This has become tiresome. Even though I've now had about 8 seconds with it. Do you have a counterpoint, Willowy, my friend? What the hell does it have to do with liking of children? I will protect children with my life but I don't have to endure each dog and pony show with their drippy parents. Nor should anyone.

eta: I probably put that too hardly.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2008-08-04 10:53 ]
No, I think that as with many sequels, this was rushed and not as well written. And I'm finding it harder to understand what he is saying as well.
No counterpoint, dreamlogic. As I said, just curious.
Willowy, I like my nieces. Children in general? Not so much. They tend to be loud and demanding. I chose not to breed. My main complaint with these shorts is that I can't understand what this poor kid is saying.
You don't like children, TamaraC? korkster?
In general, or having to do with this bit? Just curious.
Willowy | August 04, 08:44 CET

Willowy, I am the oldest of, oh, 13 cousins, and only 5 of them are double-digits. I love them, and we can get along (especially when I'm showing cool science experiments), but other than that, we don't have much in common. I like to think of them as child-like mutants, where we can agree on certain aspects but overall they're very tiring. The whole "child" aspect also bugs when the parents change. Then the "cool" aunts & uncles are no longer "cool"... but more like "parents". It's a phenomenon that I'll observe from a distance, but probably won't partake in.

They are our future and I believe we should give them that spark to absorb anything and everything. That doesn't mean that's what I observe on a daily basis. Basically, it's a general wariness I hold for the youngsters. And the same applies to this kid. As mentioned before, he was cute in the beginning, but... now I'm just tired. And he is hard to understand.

For the record, I was just like them when I was a kid- very tiring, with a touch of "cling-on"-ness. I'm not proud of it, but I'd like to think I've changed a bit. Other would disagree, though. ;)

On the upside, this threat introduced me to Mo and JT's videos, which are amazingly coolnessity.
CowboyCliche | August 04, 09:03 CET

CowboyCliche, aren't they fun? I particularly like the "Halloween" episode. I wonder how Jed & Maurissa decided on "JT" & "Mo". These episodes have been mentioned before, but it's nice to look back on pre-Horrible. As bix has mentioned, Episode 1 had been taken off (probably because of Dr. Horrible). It wasn't safe for work, but it does hold the meat & potatoes for the rest of the series. Hopefully they'll think about putting it up again, or continuing with their "Experiments".
I liked this video. I loved the acceptance letter from Villain University.

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