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August 04 2008

Io9's video interview with Tahmoh. Interesting view from the actor on his character, and some ideas about whether and how Paul is related to the Dollhouse.

Ok, this seems the place to ask this question. The link says "i09's interview with Tahmon". But clicking the link takes me to "Watching Dollhouse", where the caption is "VIDEO: Tahmon explores Dollhouse's Paul Smith".

Clicking to play the video pops you over to i09, where the caption refers to "agent Paul Ballard". I watched this video before from i09 and noticed the name "Ballard" (in the caption, Tahmon doesn't refer to his character by name).

Has the character's name been changed, does anyone know? Because hey ... I would really hate to see that, given Joss's obvious reference to his favorite movie, in the naming of "Agent Smith". ;-)
I believe Joss called him Ballard in the SDCC Panel.
Yeah, I thought it was Ballard. But, my failing memory is bringing up excitement of "Paul Smith" who is an actual Paul Smith. Pretty sure it's Ballard though.

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