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August 04 2008

TV Worth Watching suggests a Broadway theater for Dr. Horrible. "Dr. Horrible would find a perfect Broadway home at the Roundabout Theatre Company."

I completely agree, but it would be quite the undertaking. The RTC would probably want to stage a show that runs longer that 45 minutes, so Joss & Co. would have to expand the script and existing songs, and also write some new songs (maybe Moist would finally get to sing!)

That would take some time and Joss is pretty busy with Dollhouse right now. (Though perhaps Joss already anticipated this and has a Broadway version ready to go!)
The only problem with Roundabout is they tend to do limited runs and I'd want it to go for a long time! And, honestly, I see Dr. Horrible fitting better in a smaller house off-Broadway than on. I'd love to see an open-ended off-Broadway run somewhere like The Dodger Stages. That may mean no NPH, but, while I think it'd be awesome to see him live in the show, I also think it could have a much longer life independent of who's cast in it in a smaller house.

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