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August 04 2008

Joss FEARnet video interview part one and part two. Talking about Dollhouse, Buffy s8, Cabin in the Woods, Goners, Dr Horrible and stuff.

That was awesome! And it answered an unasked question: It's "The Cabin in the Woods," which I'd missed.

I guess the only fans of Joss that are bigger than the guy who's followed him since the X-Files are the ones who read his 19th century novels when they were first serialized.
I have some of his cave paintings, obviously the products of youth (and a sharpened stick) but still, distinctly Whedonesque (one of the deer is clearly strong and female).
Good interview. So much covered. And yeah that he still hopes to do Goners at some point.
And I knew he could write novels if he wanted to.

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Does the strong female deer resemble Bambi's mother? Because that would explain a lot.
Come to think of it, it did have a certain "tragically killed thus orphaning the hero of the cave painting and badly warping children all over the world" air about it.
Fantastic interviews! But what's with the 'exclusively on iTunes' bit? It's not exclusive!!

I'm getting more and more excited about Dollhouse...I'm interested in the numbers behind this - is this Joss' most high-budget production?
More tiny, tiny bits about production timeline for Cabin for me to post.
Well, he said "exclusively for download on iTunes". You could parse that to mean iTunes is the only place you can download (as opposed to stream) it, which is true. But anyway, the interview is from ComicCon, when iTunes really was the only way to watch it, so less parsing needed for it to hold true then.
And it answered an unasked question: It's "The Cabin in the Woods," which I'd missed.

Of course it is. ;)
I wonder if Dollhouse could use fan contest to come up with the best poster.
Pointy, the guy said X-Men, not X-Files. ;-)

That dude, by the way, is from the Geek Roundtable podcast, and I saw their panel at Comic-Con. Fun time.
Well, I'll be, you're right, Unplugged Crazy. I'd fix my earlier comment, but it would negate too much subsequent comic . . . comicness ;-)
A fun interview, as usual, with a couple of little tidbits - like Goners isn't dead. ;) One thing I especially like is how Joss makes sure to plug The Guild whenever he can. Just an example of the kind of person he is.
That was awesome. I think I just became a fan of FEARnet. Good job. And that guy with the lobes- amazing! :)
Madness is a great thing to fear. They had one good song but the rest... eww! (shivers)

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