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August 04 2008

Happy Birthday Andy Hallett! A joyous day wished to our favourite green skinned demon, who will be 33 today.

Happy birthday, Andy!
Happy birthday Mr Andrew Hallett esq.

It ain't easy being green but you sure made it look it ;).
The world could use a few more singing demons like you -- happy birthday!
Happy birthday to Andy.

It's also Daniel Dae-Kim's birthday.

Happy birthday to him as well.
Daniel Dae-Kim is badass -- Happy Birthday, sir!
Happy Birthday to my favorite demon, green or otherwise! Have a fabulous one!
Happy birthday Andy!
Many happy returns!
Does anyone know what Andy is up to these days?
Happy birthday, Andy and Daniel!
Happy B-day Andy. Can't believe you're only 33.

Does anyone know what Andy is up to these days?

I checked on imdb and nothing since 2005. I met Andy a couple of years ago at DragonCon and he couldn't have been more warm and genuine. I was hoping to see him again this year but while I'm going ... he's not ;(.
Happy B-Day Andy!!! Hoping you all the best and hope to see you on the large or small screen soon!

Here's hoping there's an episode of Dollhouse with a karoke bar.
Happy Birthday Andy, how old is that in Pylean years?

And many happy returns to the marvelous Daniel Dae Kim, as well.
Andy Hallett added so much to Angel. I wish he was working more.

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