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August 04 2008

Lifehacker Interviews Felicia Day. It's awesome (how Ms. Day illuminates the role that e-stuff plays in her creative life)!

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Another lovely interview.

She's not used to being treated like a rock star, but it looks like she'd better, fast.

I agree...though maybe not with the getting used to it part. It's part of her charm.
Good interview. And her website is very easy to follow. It has tons of information on it, as well as threads to openly encourage fans/followers to comment on. Her website has gone though some changes, and she put up a "Suggestion Box" to get feedback. What's nice is that she actually reads the feedback and makes the adjustments that she agrees on. Pretty cool.
"I created the role of 'Codex' because there are not a lot of geek-girl archetypes out there in mainstream media, other than Tina Fey."

Maybe not, but there sure are a lot of geek-girl characters...Willow and Veronica Mars's Mac being the examples that immediately pop into my mind. And if we broaden the range to include "smart" girls who aren't necessarily geeky, the count explodes. It's getting so I expect the smart, computer-savvy characters to have two X chromosomes these days.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Oh, heavens, no. Geek + girl = HOT. Felicia, being a math major, no doubt already knew that little equation.'s just too bad she matriculated from UT-Austin. What's a lifelong Sooner fan affiliated with Texas A&M to do?

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