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August 04 2008

Neil Patrick Harris is Out's man's man of the month. "After a year of chasing down Neil Patrick Harris' hectic schedule, I was finally able to convince him to grab a Bud and a burger with me here in New York. (Fine, we had a few Stellas and some hummus at Moroccan cafe.)"

One of the best things about Dr. Horrible was opening on a long, uncut shot of NPH talking directly into the camera. Nothing but acting and dialogue created the entire Horriverse before the first cut. Bold, and a few critics didn't like it, but it perfectly set up that world.
That is a great interview. NPH continues to impress.
The final shot just blew me away. Very few actors can emote pain properly, Neil managed it perfectly.
There is a lot of interesting links over there to other NPH stuff, including his Old Spice commercial and a review of Dr. Horrible.
The impact of that final shot is amazing, considering that we just saw him join an organization headed by an actual horse, which would not to the casual observer appear to be the best way to build tragic emotion. He managed both to convey the character's feelings and an ironic perspective on the character's feelings, in that shot and in the opening shots of Act I and Act II. Quite a feat. Or is it feats?

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Since Dr. Horrible came out, I've marathoned (and bought) all of HIMYM. After seeing Barney so much, I thought when I saw Dr. H again it'd be somehow different.. except it wasn't. God, that man can act.
MattK, was HIMYM worth it?
Could he be a more normal, likable guy? Candid, charming, non-show-offy. There's almost nothing he says in any of these interviews that doesn't have me nodding my head and thinking "Here's someone who really gets it. Gets kinda... everything." (Normal, level-headed and kind are wildly underrated.) Plus, fun photoshoot in the click-thru Out article.

I did hear that Howard Stern appearance they referenced, and despite how its referenced here, it really was a great interview. They were both funny, understanding, irreverent, interesting and entertaining. Seemed to genuinely like & respect each other.
In a perfect world, the only times who someone is sleeping with would matter are:

1. If you want to sleep with them
2. If they want to sleep with you
3. If you are already sleeping with them

Any other circumstance would be pointless and irrelevant to the immediate situation.

Neil Patrick Harris is one of those people that Nathan Fillion calls 'together'. In fact, he's one of the very very few real examples of it that I can think of. He is professional, thorough, thoughtful, considerate, kind, respectful, always gives you more than your money's worth, and plays well with others.
I love that Neil is now part of the Whedonverse and his stuff can get linked here. It's a long time coming.
*off to read the 'Out' interview*

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He is professional, thorough, thoughtful, considerate, kind, respectful, always gives you more than your money's worth, and plays well with others.

And he looks good in leather pants. :)
Guy's got it all.
I really like Neil. But, we're not *close*, or I'd called him *NPH*. :)

He is everything and a bowl of cherries.

After reading this interview, I have more respect for Neil. I know he's a subscriber to the magazing, but it seemed to me that Out was out to get something (news?) from him, but he kept to his code. I found the interviewer to be a bit antagonistic, but Neil carried himself wonderfully.

I would like to know, however, Neil's impression of the handling of Tara & Willow's relationship. I wonder if it has ever come up in discussions, especially since he works with "Willow".

And, yeah. Who cares who he's sleeping with? His performance on DHSAB was spectacular, and I can't wait to see more of him (hopefully Joss-included). I do like his take on monogamous relationships.
That was a great interview, thanks for linking it.
I can only echo everyone's statements about what a cool, normal, grounded guy Neil seems to be. I love the sincerity with which he seems to approach his private relationship and his fearless statement about monogamy--way cool. He also has extraordinary acting chops and has turned out to be quite the hottie!
Barney is my favorite fictional character created over the past several years. I can't get enough of him in HIMYM.
He is professional, thorough, thoughtful, considerate, kind, respectful, always gives you more than your money's worth, and plays well with others.

I've liked him as an actor since his Doogie Howser days, love him in Dr. Horrible, but this article confirms that he is indeed all that Ed R says above. And he can sing!

korkster, I didn't get any feeling of antagonism from the interviewer at all. I thought he was admiring - without being gushy - and respectful. I'd love to see Neil in more Joss-related projects.
samatwitch, well, guess it was just me then. As least we agree on Neil's lovely qualities.
korkster, HIMYM was more than worth it. I'm not really into sitcoms generally, I'm not a fan of laugh tracks either, but I decided to give it a go anyway because so many great people have been involved in it. And it is a genuinely funny, sweet show. And clever too, in certain ways, since it's told completely in flashback it allows for some interesting things to be done. Also, the amount of Whedonverse cameos is incredible. Apart from Alyson and NPH who are obviously regulars, they've had Alexis, Amy, Morena and Tom Lenk too. There was also another, controversial, (non-Whedonverse) guest star in a small role in the third series, which I only found out after I'd seen it, because when I was watching it I honestly didn't recognise her and just thought she was just another actress. It's probably a good thing I didn't know too, but there you go.

I'd second barest_smidgen too -- I had a listen to the Howard Stern interview just now, and it was a very friendly, pleasant interview. I don't really know much about Howard Stern, but he came off in the interview to be a genuinely nice guy, even if he is a bit crude.

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MattK, that actress you didn't recognize at first had not just a little to do with the show being picked up for a fourth season, so fans of HIMYM owe her props for that no matter what else you may think of her.
Neil's partner appeared in two episodes of HIMYM, as "Scooter". Does anyone remember that character? I sure don't.
Scooter was Lily's not-first...

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Alright, I'll add this to my list for when I have money. Thanks.
TamaraC, I couldn't agree more.

electricspacegirl, I do! Um.. don't really have anything else to add though. :) For what it's worth, he seemed like a good actor.
I love HIMYM. It could have been another run of the mill sitcom, but I really like all the characters on the show and think it has almost everything to do with who they cast. And not just the W-verse alum, but everyone.
Agree, MattK. As an off-and-on-again listener to Howard Stern, he has defied expectations, on occasion, when it comes to gay male guests. I recently heard a replay of his "Gay Dial-A-Date" from the early 80's and it managed to be both wildly irreverent and incredibly sensitive, if you can imagine that combo. Though it was filled with the typical silliness, he asked difficult personal questions that listeners would be curious about, but would never have forum to ask, and he asked incredibly insightful, sensitive questions about life and dating and prejudice faced as a gay man in that time. I was impressed, and saw him in a new light.

I felt the same way about his interview with NPH. Bracing myself to be embarassed and uncomfortable, and then surprised by the quality of questions, that though sometimes crude and personal, felt more respectful and illuminating than the inane looking-for-scandal crap that comes from the "entertainment reporters." Neil definitely responded to the vibe and was open in a way that didn't seem to diminish him or invade his privacy.

Turns out people are usually more than what we've been conditioned to think they are. Dig.
It was a cool interview. He's kind of a class act all the way, no?

... I also must give a shout-out to his performance in Harold and Kumar. He pretty much stole the movie even though the rest of the movie is pretty amusing/worthwhile -- it was the first time I was aware that the guy who played Doogie Howser had a.) grown up, and b.) could really act.
Turns out people are usually more than what we've been conditioned to think they are. Dig.

And sometimes there's a third, even deeper ... nevermind :)

He's awesome.
I wasn't much of a fan of what he ended up doing in the second Harold and Kumar film, though I thought he was great in all the other scenes. But then, that was a film that had the cyclops ... thing, so perhaps I shouldn't take it too seriously.

You know I never saw Doogie Howser, or Harold and Kumar. But I was pretty addicted to Stark Raving Mad. I thought both he and the guy who plays Monk were fantastic in that.

And he totally kicks up the level of HIMYM to make it 100 times funnier.

Plus, on a more shallow note, how great is that picture on the cover?
As a straight man, and when I saw the cover I said "wow".
Gee, thanks Out Magazine! Now I'm picturing the cover picture of NPH making out magazine covers of David Boreanaz! What am I going to do with myself?
Great guy, great photos, *sigh* Great Balls O' Fire.

He's delightful and very down-to-earth - seems both charming and comfortable to be with. At my house, we're all in love with him, even the cats. But it's a very platonic and friendly love, admiring of his talent...

... though he does have the nicest pair of hands, doesn't he? - oh, they've got that strong/sensitive combo that just slays me.
I really don't want to quote Jayne here.. but.. oh shucks, I'll do it anyway.

I'll be in my bunk.
Neil's partner appeared in two episodes of HIMYM, as "Scooter". Does anyone remember that character? I sure don't. Just to clarify for those unwilling to find it, he first appears (with Kurt Cobain-esque hair) in S1's "Best Prom Ever," is referenced in "First Time in New York" and shows again in S2's finale "Something Blue" (as Bill/"Scooter").

And I'm going to second HIMYM's awesomeness. I bought the first season on a whim when it was cheap, and my sister and I went through it in 3 nights. Then I got S2 which has one of the best. moments. ever. in "Slap Bet." NPH is fantastic, as is AH (I love them together in S2's "Best Couple Ever"), and the rest of the cast rounds it out nicely. As for guest spots, my favorites have been Alexis and Wayne Brady.

Now onto NPH's yummy pictures and very nice interview. Everything I read with him just makes me fall in love with him a little more.* He's such a rare commodity, what with his intelligence, insightfulness, acting ability, looks, singing voice, etc. What a great role model for hopeful actors, people thinking of coming out, or hopeful actors thinking of coming out, plus other combinations of the above categories.

Oh, God, and did anyone see the ep of HIMYM (I think it's "Singles Stamina") that has a scene with him and a baby? He's practically glowing. It made my heart melt. And no actor (even one with his skills) can fake that.

*Which makes me sad for me that he's gay, as I have no chance with him, regardless of the fact that he's attached. Although I'm thrilled that he's found someone he connects with, and I'm impressed with how he's conducted himself as an openly "out" actor.
"Oh, God, and did anyone see the ep of HIMYM (I think it's "Singles Stamina") that has a scene with him and a baby? He's practically glowing. It made my heart melt. And no actor (even one with his skills) can fake that."

That was not only incredibly adorable, but also has one of the greatest pieces of improvised acting evvvaaar. From the commentary at least, I'm fairly sure the high-five wasn't in the script.
What a down to earth, smart, sensible bloke. I was particularly struck by what he said about playing flamboyantly gay characters and how he has a greater responsibility because he is gay and therefore "representing". In his own low-key way I think he's as good a role model as anyone to young gay men because he's showing that you don't have to be a Gay Man™, you can just be a man that's gay.

And also that guys that're flamboyantly gay in real life might have trouble getting agents/being cast in certain roles. I think that's true but i'm in two minds as to whether it's fair or not. On one hand, a good actor should be able to "play straight" (whatever that even means) just fine no matter how flamboyant/camp they are in real life but on the other I do sometimes notice with some gay actors that some flamboyant mannerisms come through (John Barrowman is a case in point) even when they're meant to be playing tough. Maybe it's more about redefining what "playing tough" means ?
NPH is great. Really, anyone who has unfavorable opinions of gay men, should be put into a room with him and just get talked to. Everything has been said already, but I love NPH to bits. What a great role-model to have.

Also, speaking as a straight male: those pictures are great. I'm not sure if looking so hot is legal.

And yeah, Saje, I've noticed that in John Barrowman as well, but I always kinda figured that that's just the way he plays his character (I've only seen him as Cpt. Jack). It could also be subconscious, though.
Yeah NPH is totally rocking the Steve McQueen look in those photos ;).

I used Barrowman just off the top of my head as an example a lot of us might know but in fact, in his case it's not as big a deal because Jack actually is gay (or omni-sexual at least ;). I guess not being an actor it's hard for me to say but the little things i'm thinking of (e.g. the way he sometimes moves or holds his gun) seem like they might be subconscious rather than specifically acted.

That said, it seems a bit chicken/egg because there aren't many flamboyantly gay actors in action hero roles that I can think of which makes it harder to tell if it's to do with being flamboyantly gay or to do with being John Barrowman ;).
MattK, the answer to your "Harold & Kumar" post-credit question is "yes." I have learned with comedies and superhero movies, it's always a good idea to sit through the end credits.
Ah Shapenew beat me to answering MattK's questions; regarding the rest of the question: I'm thinking zombie time? Or not. We'll see! I liked the first H&K better than the second, but I'm willing to watch the 3rd one regardless.
Agree with you embers on the 1st Harold & Kumar being better...but I did buy the 2nd one on DVD at Comic Con just because they promised me a picture with the fake unicorn which I never got...grumble..anyway, the DVD is really amazing; it has this feature called "Dude, change the movie" where you stop and choose what happens next like those old "choose your own adventure" books. It has almost an hour of extra footage and the features are very cool.

And to get back on topic...NPH is in the movie. :)

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