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July 13 2003

Alyson Hannigan Interview - UK's Sunday Times "She might look as sweet as cherry pie, but Alyson Hannigan has been pretty shrewd in her choice of roles. And now Buffy’s bewitching sidekick is back for another slice of the movie series that has scandalised a nation. Garth Pearce reports"

Ack! The quotes are terrible... they've cleaned up Alyson's American English for an upper-crust readership. "I love the food, particularly the custard pies — and often hire a car to drive out of the city." Puh-leaze.

The lack of contractions is particularly appalling - both in the quotes and the article itself. Her natural quirks and personality only barely slip through. It sounds like an Alysonbot gave this interview.
That was almost painful to read. Wren summed it up perfectly.
I'm noticing a big difference in style between British and American interviews. I found this very refreshing and enjoyable.
I agree with Simon. It was a pretty good article. As for Alyson's apparent dead-end in her search for her Irish roots,I met a family by the name of Hannigan in Dublin 2 years ago, and the 20+ daughter was the spitting image of Alyson. I've often wondered...

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"She was also the regular date of Ginger Fish, the drummer from Marilyn Manson’s band."

Ugh. I could lived a long and healthy life without that knowledge. Good thing she traded up to Alexis.
Curiously the extremely weak connection between me and Alyson Hannigan grows. She and I were born on the same day in 1974 and another thing as well, she got engaged in California and today so did I :). I'm a very happy man right now.
I know I'm getting off topic, but I just wanted to say congrats, Simon. ;)
Would love some elaboration on what Whedon's plans were?
"Hannigan's own appearance -- the approachable, blue-eyed but _not too beautiful_ girl next door..."

Le gasp. This calls for a lynch mob.
Really enjoyed this interview. As for the language, maybe hanging around with Alexis has rubbed off on her.

Congrats, Simon!
Was it to Alexis, Simon? Wow.

JK, I couldn't pass it up. Congratulations, man.
Alyson Hannigan Corner has scans from the paper, and lookit here: they mislabled actor Eugene Levy as Adam Sandler. (WTF?) I mock them for their lack of contractions, and mock them harder for their lack of fact-checking.

And congrats to Simon! May you and yours live happily ever after :-)

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