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August 04 2008

How a "Must List" is made. Apparently they ( search out celebrities and ask them. One of the picks is Dr. Horrible. Also contains Joss Whedon fawning over... Simon Pegg...?

It's outright disturbing.

Is there any reason to not fawn over Simon Pegg?
Aw, I love Joss even more. Simon Pegg does rock.
I'm fawning over Simon Pegg everyday!! Well, almost.
Damn, Joss would have been a natural choice to do one of the guest commentaries on the new Spaced dvds. I wonder if they asked him but he had to turn them down because of his schedule or something.
I missed the Spaced thing at Comic-Con because I was standing in line for the Dr. Horrible screening that Joss and the cast introduced which I almost got into, but did not. *sigh*

Anyway, my love for EW just continues to grow.
Well I have no objections to that 'must list' (okay I don't watch 'Project Runway', but I recommend that everyone read 'Watchmen'!).
That was cool. And I concur. With the last "must". :)
Shaun of the Dead is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. Rock on Simon Pegg.
Ah, after all the criticism I gave about the Twilight series the other day, it makes me feel a little bad, because Stephenie Meyer seems like a really nice person in that clip (she's enthusiastic about Dr. Horrible anyway!). Of course, criticism of a book or a TV show should be entirely separate from the person themselves, but it doesn't feel like that sometimes.
I just get the little 'loading player' message. Sniff.
I love Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, both are hilarious. Love Simon Pegg and Joss fanboying over Simon makes me fangirl Joss even more.
Simon Pegg rocks (I loved rewatching MI:3 with the brother and noticing his little role in that). Hot Fuzz makes my stomach hurt from laughing so hard in some places, and Shaun of the Dead is just plain awesome.

As for Twilight, MattK, I have been bitching a bluestreak to anyone who will hear me out about the series. I have many issues with it (though I *am* biased), but my biggest one is when I read in EW that the series makes abstinence sexy. FFS! Vampire lore is rooted in Victorian sexuality, so it makes no sense that there would be no sex, especially because of the obvious bloodlust/just plain lust metaphors. Also, people have said that the love story is very similar to our own Buffy and Angel, so I say, go for the real stuff ;) /rant

And yes, Stephenie Meyer does seem like a cool person. So it's nothing personal (she says about the author she'll probably never meet).

Back OT: Joss should totally make something with Simon Pegg in it. Maybe he could join the ELOE? That would make my head explode with joy.
@BoB - Simon can be... The Pegg Man!

His secret hideout could be the laundrymat... He'll put you through the ringer, take you to the cleaners 'til you're all washed up, then he'll hang you out to dry... Muahahaha!

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