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August 04 2008

When Cordelia met Darla. Fab pic of Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz enjoying the nightlife in Vegas.

That picture warms my heart. I miss CC (in both senses). When will she comeback to my TV?

It's a little funny to see "Cordelia" & "Darla" partying it up on the dance floor, when that would never happen in "Angel". Good to see they still hang out afterwards.
I know this phrase is overused, but I'll be in my bunk. ;)
That other person in the background makes it seem like CC has this enormously bulbous back.
I noticed that too, bix. It's often hard to control the background sometimes. They look adorable though.
Charisma looks amazing, as usual. That doesn't look anything like Julie Benz (though I'm sure they're not mistaken). Her smile doesn't look like Julie's.
OMG Monti Rock the 3rd! Still alive!
Cordi or Darla? Ekk, I can't decide! Rain check please!
Aww they're so cute!

I'm in Vegas for two weeks in two weeks... I'm really hoping I see some Whedonverse folk milling about haha :)
Weird shot - I had the same problem as bix; took me a minute or two to disentangle Charisma from the woman behind her. Once I had, she looked great, instead of bizarrely shaped and dressed.
Aww. It's always nice to see Jossverse actors in pics like that. Both Julie and Charisma looked great.
Honestly, I have to admit being a tad curious over hand placement there.

Never figured 38 as a milestone b'day nor Charisma as the type to "do this every year;" perhaps a "first free again" birthday?

That having been said, I need to amend my records of "Who's Friends With Whom?"

I figure it never hurts to ruminate; I'm only over the line if I expect definite answers,r ight :-)?

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So what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - unless you're a celebrity!
Great photo! Looks like they're having a fab time, and Cordelia has totally forgiven Darla for biting her...

Agree about the background interfering with such an awesome photo op. So for anyone who would like to see this pic revised, with some Photoshop magic to eliminate pesky distracting background elements, take a gander here.

Photoshop means never having to say, "Wow, that background really messes with the shot... ".

Well, at least not for very long...
Oh, well done, 11thHour, well done! That's MUCH better. Can we replace the headline link with this one?
Julie looks fabulously beautiful =)

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